Sampo Rosenlew
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  • Sampo Rosenlew is a family owned company located in Pori, Finland. It is well-known for its high-quality combine harvesters and forest machines, which are tailored according to customer needs.
    Characteristic features for Sampo Rosenlew products are high technology, quality and constant, user oriented product development. We are proud of our product range that is based on long traditions.
Product Portfolio

  • Long traditions in combine harvester manufacturing

    The roots of the Sampo combine harvester are in the 1920s when the first stationary threshing machines were manufactured. The next significant milestone in the history of Finnish combine harvester production is 1957 when manufacturing of self-propelled combine harvesters was started. Today, nearly 100 years later, Sampo combine harvester production continues in Pori.
    The Comia and the 3000 range represent combine harvesters designed to meet the modern standards. The Sampo is developed to cope not only with the challenging northern conditions, but also to withstand the hot conditions in the south. More than 80% of the production is exported, and Sampo Rosenlew combine harvesters are used to harvest wheat as well as rice in different conditions all around the world.
    • COMIA Range

    • The Comia represents the top of development in this size. Three basic models form a complete range from which it is easy for each customer to choose a suitable combine according to the needs. The comfortable and practical Premium cabs and modern design make the Comia highly desirable.
    • 3000 Range

    • The biggest Sampo Rosenlew machines are found in the 3000 range. Both models, the 3065 and the 3085, represent modern combine harvester development. Large grain tanks, wide cutting tables and efficient engines are very suitable for large farms.

  • Sampo-Rosenlew started serial production of forest machines in 1997. The focus was initially on the SR1046 model designed for first thinning. In 2005, the product portfolio was expanded to include the semi-heavy duty SR1066 harvester.
    Designed for intermediate thinning, the machine also performs well in final cutting. As a response to customer requirements, the latest arrival in the product family, the FR28 forwarder, was launched at the 2012 Metko forest machine fair. The FR28 will be in production by the end of 2013. To date, nearly 500 SR harvester units have been manufactured, including 400 smaller models and over 70 heavy duty models. The Sampo-Rosenlew harvester will be ready in winter 2013.

    Sampo-Rosenlew's forest machines feature proprietary design from start to finish. Our ethos is to offer our customers a high-quality product that is designed for their requirements, with attributes and a cost structure that facilitate profitable harvesting and thinning operations.
    • Harvesters

    • Sampo-Rosenlew forest harvesters are unrivalled products for forest thinning, when it comes to the quality and profitability of forest management.
    • Forwarders

    • Sampo-Rosenlew has responded to customer demands by designing the FR28 forwarder, which is suited for thinning operations. This 10-tonne load bearing forwarder is designed to complement our harvesters.

  • Sampo Hydraulics Ltd is part of the Sampo Rosenlew Group and it's one of the world's leading suppliers of radial piston hydraulic motors and rotators for mobile equipment applications.
    The company headquarter and manufacturing premises are located in Jyväskylä, which is a mid size town in Central Finland. We employ 110 fully trained professionals. The main products are Black Bruin radial piston hydraulic motors and rotators.
      • Close to 80% of our sales is directly exported, the main regions being North-America and Europe. Our distribution network covers 21 countries. Primary applications using Black Bruin products are:
        • Agriculture
        • Construction and mining
        • Road building
        • Forestry