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  • Offer Profile
  • Geringhoff is a medium-sized family business steeped in tradition and now in its fifth generation.

    The success story that began 130 years ago is inseparable from its homeland, the Münsterland region, and its people. If it was not for the way our employees identify with the company and our close ties with our customers, we would not be what we are today. Some of our customer relationships are now in their second and third generation.

    There is no getting closer to customers, their desires and challenges.
Product Portfolio
  • Corn headers

  • Always at the cutting edge - Geringhoff maize headers

    Geringhoff has been manufacturing maize headers for more than 50 years, and throughout this time two questions have been foremost in our minds: firstly, how can we perfect our harvesting systems even further in order to find “the perfect way to harvest”?

    And secondly, what is the best design for a maize header to ensure it provides maximum benefits on maize fields around the world?
    Instead of just one answer to this question, we have five: five different header systems to meet all harvesting needs worldwide.
    • Maize header

    • Horizon Star®
      Mais Star*
      Mais Star* Horizon
    • Reliability

    • Powerful and reliable: the
      gear drive from Geringhoff.
    • Innovation

    • The automatic, hydraulic folding system was developed by Geringhoff many years ago. Even if “folding” has since become the norm, we are still the company setting standards in this and other areas.
    • Rota Disc®

    • The maize header with the unique three-rotor technology and integrated chopper. Harvesting and chopping incorporated in one system. The corn straw is chopped lengthwise and broken down into fibres by 15 self-sharpening cutting discs that rotate against the feed direction of the plants.
    • Horizon Star®

    • The combination of harvesting, stripping and chopping technology defines the Horizon Star® as an outstanding header. The horizontal stubble chopper secures short stubbles, an effective combat against the corn borer and an excellent harvesting result.
    • PCA* system

    • Thanks to the small number of moving parts and self-sharpening, specially coated blade sections, the unique single-roller system developed by Geringhoff is extremely robust and long-lasting. The maize header also stands out thanks to its simplicity and reliability.
    • Mais Star*

    • The MS principle: two counter-rotating header rollers, each equipped with four knife blades, pull the corn stalk downwards in an aggressive but controlled manner. The corn straw is left behind on the field unchopped, where among other things it helps prevent soil erosion. Equipped with up to 24 rows, it is one of the largest in the world.
    • Mais Star* Horizon

    • The Mais Star* Horizon model integrates a horizontal chopper that together with the header row forms a fixed, almost maintenance-free unit. It cuts the plants close to the surface leaving very short stubble and chops the corn straw pulled in by the cutter rollers with a minimum energy demand. The chopper can also be disconnected.
  • Grain Header

  • For greater productivity: the high-tech grain headers from Geringhoff

    The constant search for better solutions has led Geringhoff to continuous improvements and three major achievements. First, all of our grain headers have
    one thing in common, namely, the basic idea of using the world’s very latest drive technology: a gearbox in conjunction with a hydraulic drive and electronic control
    unit. A system that does away with chains and belts – a genuine advantage when it comes to ensuring smooth and highly productive operation.

    The second major development was Geringhoff’s hydraulic folding technology, which offers easy handling and rapid movement from field to field. It does away
    with the need for a separate transport trailer and significantly increases the daily harvesting capacity. The third big step forwards is the hydraulic table
    length function for optimum adjustment to different kinds and lengths of cereal, even while actually harvesting.
    • Vario Star®

    • Rigid grain header with hydraulic table length adjustment of 500 mm (from 575 to 1,075 mm) to optimize different kinds and height of cereal, even while actually harvesting. This keeps the load on the drive components as low as possible and saves fuel.
    • Harvest Star*

    • A grain header with folding system. Harvesting without long set-up times. This largely increases the capacity and efficiency of the combine harvester, changing from the transport to the harvesting position in just 1–2 minutes. The highlights are the automatic couplers for the reel, auger and driveshaft.
    • Harvest Star* Vario

    • The Harvest Star* Vario is the world’s only folding grain header with hydraulic table length adjustment – a perfect combination. The Vario technology guarantees uniform infeed of the crop, while the folding technology keeps set-up times short.
    • Folding system

    • The quick and precise folding system is based on a technically well-conceived coupling concept. Geringhoff’s automatic coupling technology for the reel, cutter knife, auger and driveshaft has proven to be strong, reliable and extremely durable.
    • Safety

    • The clear view from the driver’s cab guarantees a perfect overview.
    • Blades

    • adjustable
      500 mm <-->
  • Sunflower Header

  • Sun Star* and Sun Star* Horizon: built for maximum performance – with no compromises made

    Manufacturers of harvesting machinery will only enjoy long-term success in this globalised market if they find a convincing answer to the demand for ever greater productivity and maximum performance. In developing the Sun Star* product line, Geringhoff is facing up to this challenge – and defining the global state of the art of sunflower harvesting.
    • Sun Star*

    • Our recipe for low-loss harvesting and great yields: the Sun Star* feed system with a wide, tapered opening for gentle, active acceptance of the plants with no loss of seed through spray and vibration.
    • Sun Star* Horizon

    • Two conveyor chains feed the plants to the rotating double blades. The two rotating, self-sharpening rotary blades separate the sunflower heads gently and without vibration, keeping the loss of seed to a minimum. This double-blade system is low on maintenance and offers exceptional long life due to its cutting length of approx. 1535 mm per row. The Sun Star* is also available as the Sun Star* Horizon with integrated horizontal chopper – for highly effective chopping and fast rotting of the remaining parts of the plants and short stubble.
    • Folding system

    • A folding version can also be supplied on request.
    • Protection

    • Specially shaped covers catch any sunflower heads that fall when vertical chains feed the heads to the threshing units at a constant rate.
    • Guidance

    • The guide plates positioned high up on the two outer covers guide the sunflower heads inwards from the ends of the header.