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  • Offer Profile
  • WELTEC BIOPOWER® plans and produces complete biogas plants made of stainless steel and distributes them world-wide.

    WELTEC BIOPOWER has been so successful that it has evolved into the world market leader of this segment over the past few years. No other manufacturer has enjoyed as much success abroad as WELTEC BIOPOWER®.

    To further build on this success we have established subsidiaries that should handle customer requirements on a local level in several countries like England, US and other Eastern European countries.
Product Portfolio
  • Biogas plants

    • Agricultural Biogas Plants

    • Using biomasses like liquid manure or corn offers impressive possible rates of return. The generated biogas can be directly transformed into usable energy that can be sold profitably. Let’s plan your project together—from the cost-effective compact system with a capacity up to 150 kW through to large-scale plants in the megawatt range!

      Get the most out of it! The heat generated during the conversion from biogas to power (CHP) can effectively be used in greenhouses, pigsties, homes, or for drying wood pellets. This combination of heat and power greatly increases the efficiency and profitability of a biogas plant. Alternatively, the biogas can be transferred to a suitable buyer through a small-scale gas grid for use in a CHP. No matter how you use your energy (power, heat, fuel), WELTEC BIOPOWER definitely means more performance.
    • Industrial Biogas Plants

    • The biogas plant technology of WELTEC BIOPOWER utilises the fermentation of renewable resources and at the same time offers a wide variety of solutions for treating waste. Be it leftover food, slaughterhouse waste or other organic residual materials, everything is possible!

      Organic waste is an energy resource. Animal waste products, kitchen waste, domestic and industrial food waste, used cooking oil, etc. are all perfectly suitable for utilisation in industrial biogas plants. Exploit your energy potential:
      WELTEC BIOPOWER offers you sustainable solutions in the field of industrial waste and disposal technology and ensures optimum integration with the other technologies in your process. Combined with smart heat utilisation concepts, you can benefit in two ways and perpetually enjoy maximum energy efficiency.
    • Biomethane

    • Another innovation by WELTEC BIOPOWER is biogas processing.

      The generated biogas is converted to natural gas quality in a special process and supplied as biomethane to the existing natural gas network. Take a step towards the future with WELTEC BIOPOWER!

      Biomethane refineries of this size require an advanced degree of specialised plant technology. A high level of automation, precise plant control systems with process control, and efficient remote maintenance solutions are vital. Furthermore, adaptation to on-site requirements is very important. WELTEC BIOPOWER analyses the local conditions and provides bespoke sustainable solutions for the entire biomethane production chain.
  • Technology

  • A reliable system is the result of optimally and finely tuned technologies: The substances used have to be comminuted, mixed together and heated, the gas obtained is further processed and harnessed efficiently.
    That’s why WELTEC BIOPOWER only utilises plant components that have proven themselves in use and develops the majority of the technologies independently.
    • Digister

    • The heart of a biogas plant is the fermenter where the biological processes take place. As a result we attach great importance to this component. The gas composition which is very aggressive when forming attacks many materials. That’s why only resistant materials are implemented in the biogas area of WELTEC systems. The material of choice for tank construction and internal components is here stainless steel—rustfree.
      For instance, the tank wall is constructed in two different materials due to the different operational demands:
      • Stainless steel V2A (1.4301/AISI 304) in the liquid content area
      • Stainless steel V4A (1.4571/AISI 316Ti) in the area of the gas phase.
    • Control Systems

    • Several individual factors determine the optimal operation of a biogas plant. To ensure that these factors are optimally matched with each other WELTEC BIOPOWER® has equipped the plants with a central control system that controls and manages all processes.

      Smaller plants require a relatively simple system that will reliably control all major factors. More comprehensive plant types require normally a more sophisticated control system. We therefore individually match our control systems depending on the individual requirements of the required plant.

      Central control
      All main plant operations are recorded, analysed and controlled by our central control and measuring system. This technology is based on a system, which has matured over years and is an integral part of our plant technology.
    • Mixing technology

    • A refined agitator technology is decisive for a reliable and efficient mixing of the fermenting substrates and forms the basis for an even yield of gas. Depending on the individual fermenter size a combination of long arm and submersible agitators are used.

      Long arm agitator
      The task of a long arm agitator is to mix the substrate evenly and carefully. At approx. 40 rpm it creates a flow in the vessel and ensures that the gas creating bacteria will have continuous and optimal conditions.

      Submersible agitators
      In addition to the long arm agitators we also use submersible agitators.
      These agitators ensure a fast and targeted mixing of floating and sedimenting substrates and are used to maintain a minimum crust formation in the digester, and to break up larger problematic crust formations in the digester.
    • Pump technology

    • There are several variations to feed the fermenter with fermenting substrates, which mainly depend on the consistency and characteristics of the individual substrates.
      If you mainly use fluid and easy to mix substances, the transport of the substrates within the plant is managed via a central pump, which can be installed either in a building or in a container.
    • Combined Heat and Power Unit (CHP)

    • To convert the biogas produced in the plant to electricity and heat energy a combined heat and power unit is required.
      This is why WELTEC BIOPOWER® integrates suitable solutions for CHP units directly into the plant design.
      Depending on local conditions a CHP unit can be erected in a building or in an external container.
    • Service

    • Complete Plants with Complete Service
      In order to provide best advice every plant will be supported by our trained distribution partners on site and right from the start and during every phase of the project.