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  • Offer Profile
  • What we offer:
    The whole range of solutions expertise for logistics systems and waste technology

    SSI SCHAEFER is a market leader in the field of planning and implementing integrated logistics systems as well as an important provider of modern concepts in waste management. In both sectors we stand for innovative solutions all from one source, worldwide.
Product Portfolio

  • A world leader in intralogistics – thanks to comprehensive expertise and innovative solutions.

    Global trade requires perfectly orchestrated logistics processes to create a seamless flow of goods that benefits everyone involved. Therefore, the importance of fully automated warehouse systems and the need for more complex intralogistics is increasing continuously.

    This is what we stand for:
    For decades, SSI SCHAEFER has been in demand as a worldwide partner with the greatest level of expertise and wide-ranging sector-specific experience when it comes to planning and implementing integrated logistics systems.

    A comprehensive product range and the widest selection of services in the field of intralogistics enable our customers to purchase highly efficient solutions from just one source. Well-known companies from many different industry sectors are already relying on our expertise.

    Our strengths:
    We use the latest production technology in our own production facilities with unrivalled depth of value added. Our services range from system planning and consultancy to the realisation of turnkey plants and to tailored service packages. Flexibility and extensive scalability of system solutions is our ongoing objective.

    Your benefit:
    For any questions and tasks you might face regarding intralogistics systems and applications, all you need is a one point contact: the right one. We develop, produce and implement customised solutions by ourselves. Our proven track record and our high standard of quality ensure that our customers reach the highest possible levels of efficiency and security of investment in intralogistics projects.
    • General contractor

    • Efficiency and expertise all from one source

      As a general contractor we provide our customers with comprehensive and professional services. We carry out the entire project management in warehouse construction from concept to handover of a complete, turnkey facility.

      In overview:
      - Planning and consultancy
      - Construction services and foundation measures
      - Steel construction and racking systems
      - Warehouse control and management systems
      - Highly dynamic order picking systems
      - Storage and retrieval devices
      - Conveyor technology for pallets, containers, cartons and trays
      - Service and maintenance
      - Turnkey solutions

      The core of our logistics solutions are standardised products that are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. The comprehensive range of products allows for customised system solutions from SSI Schaefer.

      The experience, the synergies and the innovation of our entire company allow us to offer cost-effective package deals with reliability, availability and rapid project implementation.

      The combination of expertise and efficiency results in long-term and sustainable safety of investment for our customers.
    • Automatic order picking

    • For extremely rapid order processing in high quality

      Would you like to enjoy a high level of productivity, optimal flow of material and consistent quality, even when picking at peak capacity? Order picking systems by SSI SCHAEFER carry out the compilation of complex orders in a fast, reliable and fully automated way.

      Besides being highly efficient, our solutions posses other key features as well:

      - Easy maintenance due to adjustable product channels
      - Easy integration into existing systems
      - Great options for extension thanks to the modular design

      Our systems are designed for maximum product density. Therefore, by using order picking systems by SSI SCHAEFER, you also optimise space utilisation in your warehouse.

      Perfect interplay
      Naturally all automated picking systems from SSI SCHAEFER are perfectly coordinated with the systems and other components we produce. The different types of systems can be combined: they are available for any standard product or product group. Based on a precise analysis of the data, we provide individual solutions, according to your specific requirements, as well as calculating the potential for optimisation in your warehouse.
    • Manual order picking

    • From E-Pick to Pick-by-Voice – large range of efficient solutions

      In many cases, people remain an important and economic factor when it comes to order picking tasks.

      Thanks to semi-automated solutions, you can increase the efficiency in your warehouse considerably and at the same time increase quality. We offer you all available proven concepts for paper-free order picking. With the additional bonus of our many years of practical experience and the entire innovative power of SSI SCHAEFER.

      In overview:
      • Pick-by-Light
      • Pick-by-Voice
      • E-Pick
      • Radio data transmission
      • Pick-to-Tote
      • Pick-to-Bucket
      • Parallel Picking System
      We also continue to develop our existing range, to create new, efficient order picking solutions that set the standard worldwide.

      We are happy to provide advice on which application will best suit your logistics requirements. Whichever system you then decide to implement – you will always be able to rely on that highly developed technology from SSI SCHAEFER. We produce both the hardware and the parameterisable and therefore customisable software in-house.

      High flexibility in usage

      Systems from SSI SCHAEFER can be easily integrated into your existing or planned order picking processes and order picking strategies. They are ideal for use with live storage racking, modular shelving and pallet shelves and offer compelling benefits thanks to their fast implemention options, ease of use and simple maintenance.
    • Handling systems and robots

    • Efficient material flow for high throughput and high productivity

      SSI SCHAEFER is the right partner whenever high throughput, reliable order processing and systematic handling of containers is required.

      As a system provider, we combine a variety of technologies and components to make operations and processes even more efficient.

      Automation plays an important part in increasing efficiency in the paper and container handling. We develope products and solutions for conveying and the handling of containers, which support an optimal flow of material and increase the productivty of your warehouse significantly.

      In other fields requiring independent and highly specialised knowledge, e.g. in robotics, we collaborate only with experts. In these cases, the implementation is then carried out by SSI SCHAEFER as the central contact.

      The absolute compatibility with all our systems allows for a trouble-free installation process. Our experienced specialists also ensure that third party systems can easily be integrated into your system.

      SSI SCHAEFER is able to integrate virtually any system into your facility. The solution as a whole and the requirements of the customer are always our highest priority.
    • Storage and retrieval machines

    • Rapid transport of material and short access times

      Whatever you would like to optimise regarding your intralogistics processes, we are available to support you as a system supplier with international expertise and global presence. With engineering services, mechanical engineering, steel construction and control technology all from one source and in-house IT and software development, we ensure the perfect interaction of all components.

      Our innovative, automatic storage and retrieval systems allow rapid transport of material and short access times. Whatever challenges you might face, SSI SCHAEFER has the concepts and solutions to suit your needs.

      Advantages include:
      • Perfect space utilisation thanks to minimal clearances
      • Optimised goods handling performance thanks to modified dynamics and a variety of different drive units
      • Easy maintenance thanks to the use of high quality machine elements
      • Short assembly times thanks to compact assemblies and pre-commissioned storage and retrieval systems
      • Adaptation for your load carriers with specially designed load handling devices
    • Conveyor systems

    • Ingenious design for a cost-effective competitive advantage

      Intralogistics challenges can be met in different ways. Our unrivalled and manifold range of products and services allow us to offer you the most efficient solution among various alternatives. This holds true regardless of whether you want to convey pallets, bulky goods or used cartons.

      Naturally, we also interlink our conveyor systems with order picking systems and fully automatic warehouse systems (e.g.: small parts or high-rise pallet racking system), which also belong to our range of products.

      Benefit from expertise and proven skills in consulting, planning and implementing conveyor systems of numerous large international projects. SSI SCHAEFER supplies everything, all from one source, from load carriers to controls to conveyor technology. The high quality and compatibility of our components render the entire system trouble-free and result in safety of investment.

      Your advantages:
      • Complete solutions all from one source
      • Uniquely manifold range of solutions for virtually any type of goods or load carrier
      • Continuous productivity thanks to reliable components
      • High efficiency and throughput thanks to the latest technology
    • Customer service & support

    • On the customer's side

      Being in close proximity to our customers around the world, and the long-term partnerships that we create with them are at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Our customers benefit from our expertise as a total solutions provider and manufacturer, and from the international focus of our company. This continues of course after commissioning your new facility.

      Comprehensive range of services for efficient support

      SSI SCHAEFER offers a comprehensive range of customer services and expert support; any time, anywhere and for any task:

      - Hotline
      - Maintenance
      - Technicians on call
      - Resident Maintenance® technicians
      - Software services
      - Spare parts services
      - Training courses
      - Our offerings for plant optimisation

  • Our independence ensures innovative, efficient solutions – safety and reliability included!

    We stand for:
    We create order in the warehouse and in the warehousing process. From robust stacking boxes and container concepts through to complex racking and storage systems: we supply everything from a single source. As a financially independent family company, we stand for the highest levels of project safety.

    Our strengths:
    Our specialist in-house expertise makes us independent from standard market system solutions. We develop innovative products and made-to-measure solutions that provide our customers with the efficient organisation of their goods for storage and transport. In the field of conveyor systems, we are the leading solutions provider, in particular for industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and multimedia.

    The benefit to you:
    Our range of products and services gives customers short and direct access to the best solutions. Our expertise provides these customers with made-to-measure, innovative project implementations. Our comprehensive network of branches and our worldwide presence ensure that we are always on hand, around the globe.
    • Boxes and containers

    • Variety by design

      SSI SCHAEFER offers over 2000 high quality types of storage, order picking and transport boxes. Whether for electrical parts, car accessories, mail order items, computer chips, foodstuffs or paperback books − we will always have the right solution for you.

      So, in case you don't find the right container in our selection, we would also be happy to develop a customised container concept that conforms to your specific requirements, in addition to our innovative concept for returnable containers. Particularly in the field of bespoke packaging and specially customised versions, you will benefit from our outstanding level of knowledge.

      We also offer:
      - Continuously high level of delivery capability and short delivery times
      - High capacities
      - Guaranteed long-term availability of replacement boxes
    • Pallet racking

    • Robust racking systems, useful accessories and service

      Ever since the storage of goods on standardised pallets became the norm in many industries, pallet racking is an essential part in intralogistics. At first glance, pallet racking systems from different suppliers don’t seem to differ that much. Nevertheless, pallet racking systems from SSI Schaefer managed to earn themselves an outstanding reputation in this highly competitive market. The decisive element is the overall package, combining racking system, accessories and service.

      The production of pallet racks has been one of our core competences since several decades. Thanks to this expertise, we are able to provide our customers with valuable advice and find a solution for them, which makes their pallet storage significantly more efficient. Obviously, the requirements for pallet racking systems are quite high: they should be stable and robust, versatile and expandable, safe and of lasting value. Plenty of reasons for not leaving anything to chance when it comes to purchasing pallet racks.
    • Modular shelving system

    • Fast and efficient storage

      Our variable and high quality modular shelving systems have been developed to fit your products and your requirements.

      Benefit from the advantages that result from their simple and fast assembly, the fact that they can be expanded at any time, and our comprehensive, expert advice. In addition, we offer services such as project drawings and much more free of charge. SSI SCHAEFER has been impressing its customers for years with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

      To fit every need

      To execute your storage tasks efficiently, SSI SCHAEFER has a variety of systems available for you. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of optional equipment and accessories for all modular shelving systems.
    • Small parts store

    • As powerful as it is flexible: Automatic small parts store from SSI SCHAEFER

      Whether you are using containers, trays or carton units in your small parts stores; space and time should be used efficiently. This can easily be achieved with our automated systems. In addition to significantly reduced access times and low space requirements, you will also benefit from the high level of flexibility and the modular design of our solutions.

      From planning to training

      When setting up new storage or optimising your existing automated small parts store, you can rely on us right from the start. We offer a comprehensive range of services which includes the individual planning for new projects and the integration into your existing warehouse logistics, the software link to your inventory control system and complete project implementation incl. training, service and maintenance.

      From racking through to conveyor technology down to your order picking strategy, we design and implement customised systems based on your specific requirements down to the smallest detail. Our innovative, automatic storage and retrieval systems allow rapid transport of material and short access times.
    • Shelving for Material Provision

    • Efficient processes with staging shelves by SSI Schaefer

      Material provision is of key importance for industrial assembly and distribution alike. Quick access and short routes help making your processes leaner and therefore more efficient. SSI Schaefer offers a fine range of staging shelves, which have already proven their worth by uncovering a large potential for improvement at our clients’ facilities.

      Material provision for production and assembly

      Modern industrial assembly lines require the punctual, accurate and ergonomically correct provision of small parts. Interruptions or disturbances of the production process would lead to higher and unnecessary costs and decrease the competitiveness of the company.

      Staging shelves from SSI Schaefer are placed in direct vicinity to the assembly line and hold those parts the workers need to assemble the products. The shelves are available in different lengths and depths and have a high load capacity. Depending on the requirements they are equipped either with shelves, gliding rails or roller tracks and work according to the FIFO principle (First-in-First-out).
    • Cantilever racking systems

    • Ideal for bulky goods

      Cantilever racking systems are ideal for storing your long goods or other bulky items. The list of products that can be stored ranges from plastic tubing, steel pipes, profiles and wooden planks to heavy coils.

      All cantilever uprights from SSI SCHAEFER can be used as single-sided or dual-sided designs and the rows of uprights can be any length required. The cantilever arms can be modified flexibly for stored goods with different heights and loading requirements. Subsequent adjustments and adaptations can be made without tools.

      In case you would like to store special materials or need to meet specific ambient conditions, our expert consultants will be happy to design customised concepts for you.

      SSI SCHAEFER also holds stock of a variety of accessories:
      • Locations for oversized products
      • Storage trays
      • Dividing pins
      • Wooden or plastic supports for cantilever arms to protect the stored goods
      • Shelf covers made from chipboard or mesh panel
    • Long-span racking systems

    • Masses of storage in minimal space

      Warehousing and order picking are constantly challenged by the extensive variety of products available. Anywhere in your company where the extremely high load values of a pallet racking system are not required, the long-span racking systems from SSI SCHAEFER will easily meet your individual requirements for optimised warehouse technology. Especially suitable for the storage of bulky items.

      WR 600 ­ - the ultimate longspan racking system

      Thanks to its versatility, our WR 600 longspan racking system with 50:50 mm perforation is a great fit for all tasks regarding stored goods, storage location and warehousing:
      • The frame design features different upright profiles in 3 heights and 4 depths.
      • The 3 beam types are available in 4 lengths and different heights.
      • Standardised construction elements permit multi-tier designs.
    • Mezzanines

    • Efficient space utilisation: Our mezzanine systems

      Mezzanines make maximum use of space and increase the available space in your warehouse through the integration of additional storeys.

      As a full range supplier and reliable partner, SSI SCHAEFER supports you from planning to assembly. For every single customer, our experienced expert consultants develop individual solutions based on actual requirements.

      A system without limits

      With SSI SCHAEFER, the design options of mezzanine systems are virtually unlimited. In combination with our versatile selection of shelving, workstation systems, boxes and containers as well as workshop equipment, simultaneous storing and working becomes a systemised method. From this enormous range of products and services, SSI SCHAEFER supplies you with complete and carefully designed systems, with everything from one source.

      Based on your requirements and needs, we will implement mezzanines with a self-supporting construction or as platform-supported racking. We are offering an exceptionally large range of upright patterns and support profiles, rails and pallet drop areas, floor coverings, stairs and stair rails as well as an entire range of lighting equipment.

      Whether self-supporting or as platform-supported racking: Our mezzanine systems can be expanded in any lengthwise or crosswise direction, meaning that they are able to meet the specific load and other requirements at the site.
    • Service & Support

    • Being in close proximity to our customers around the world, and the long-term partnerships that we create with them are at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Our customers benefit from our expertise as a total solutions provider and manufacturer, and from the international focus of our company. This continues of course after commissioning your new facility.

      Comprehensive range of services for efficient support

      SSI SCHAEFER offers a comprehensive range of customer services and expert support; any time, anywhere and for any task:
      • Hotline
      • MaintenanceTechnicians on call
      • Resident Maintenance® technicians
      • Software services
      • Spare parts services
      • Training courses
      • Our offerings for plant optimisation
  • Logistics software

  • We realise visions
    With more than 700 employees specialized in software and approximately 1,400 installed systems, SSI SCHAEFER is one of the largest logistics providers worldwide.

    As your partner, we do not only identify your goals, but also understand your business processes. Our long-term experience and vast range of services ensure customised and economical solutions.

    We apply our creativity, our experience and long-standing expertise in the logistics sector and combine it with an innovative and comprehensive range of solutions. This is why we are able to achieve extraordinary results which meet our customer's challenges of today as well as those in the future.

    Our logistics software offers you transparent control and monitoring functionalities as well as an ideal coverage of your logistics requirements and a perfect integration of our systems in intralogistics processes. From manual to fully automated, we cover all logistical areas within your warehouse.

    As reliable partner, we assist you in finding the most appropriate and suitable solution. Qualified staff will consult you about the products WAMAS and SAP and help you acquire an ideal solution that meets all of your requirements.
    • Services

    • Business process consulting
      We advise you and mutually develop the right solution for your future.
      For this purpose,
      • we analyse your existing processes and software,
      • plan and define the warehouse processes according to the degree of automation for the use of a WMS/MFS
      • observe your warehouse logistics in total and consequently develop the ideal solution for you
      As part of the introduction phase, we prepare your staff for the new work environment and train them selectively, depending on their future tasks during run-up.
      We offer you
      • a vast range with training contents that match special user groups
      • the execution of trainings in our subsidiaries worldwide as well as directly on your premises
      • the training content in various languages
      Start-up & Productive assistance
      With your collaboration, our experienced staff realise the start-up. We help your employees settle into the new environment and assist them so that they can get used to the new processes. This is where we attach great importance to
      • the employment of SSI SCHAEFER staff, who understand the language and culture of our customers
      • the assignment of experienced employees, who act as a central point of contact
      • the transfer of our knowledge to your employees during the productive assistance
      Service & Support
      Due to the permanent availability and rapid response times, our well-trained and skilled staff will support you along the entire run-time of your system in order to be able to offer you a long term and high quality service. This is ensured by
      • a qualified service organisation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
      • the assignment of local service teams
      • the employment of experienced support technicians
    • SAP

    • Warehouse management system for expertise in providing integrated solutions

      Due to certified ranges of services, we can offer you a comprehensive package of solutions for IT-based projects that extend from consulting on process optimisation and technical IT hardware components to the implementation and the customisation of logistical SAP products - all from a single source.

      Our range of services
      • Complete logistics solutions from a certified SAP partner
      • Expertise in providing modular solutions for manual and fully automated warehouse
      • Logistics know-how regarding SAP modules LES/TRM and EWM
      • Solution of simple and complex tasks
      • SAP solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well as global players
      • Transparent processes and elimination of interfaces
      • Extensive consulting during the planning and implementation of your logistics IT
      • Consideration of downstream and auxiliary processes
      • Analysis of effects regarding adjacent ERP modules
    • WAMAS®

    • An integrated solution for controlling and optimising logistics processes

      The synonym for WArehouse MAnagement Systems

      The logistics sector is characterised by diverse areas of activity and constantly changing requirements of all those involved across the entire supply chain. In the shape of WAMAS, SSI SCHAEFER provides a multi-purpose solution that covers the most complex of requirements and that also offers flexible customisation options as required. WAMAS controls, monitors and optimises the entire range of logistics processes in manual and automatic storage systems.

      - Integrated ERP and sub-systems
      - Provides key figures on the management of the warehouse
      - Ensures efficient, transparent and flexible order processing
      - Provides a wide variety of picking methods and techniques
      - Supports goods tracking using track & trace
      - Guarantees batch tracking 178/2002
      - Integrates new technologies such as RFID
  • Workstation

  • The following applies equally to commercial, industrial and technical workstations: It's the result that counts. The people are at the heart of it all. The work environment therefore has to meet the needs of the staff and still remain highly effective.

    For this reason, we develop and produce ergonomic and performance increasing solutions. As a full-range supplier we also combine customised and innovative products with the highest level of service.
  • Office equipment for buildings

  • Complete range of services all from one source on attractive terms

    Comprehensive product range, flexibility, functionality and maximum processing and material quality - this is what office furniture from SSI SCHAEFER stands for. Our services go far beyond the actual furniture, however. We plan, develop, construct and deliver the entire office equipment and fittings for buildings being fitted out. Whether it's individual floors, a building, or the entire company - we supply and consult on everything.

    In addition to individual room planning, expert consulting on-site and workstation design using CAD drawings as well as the complete build service by our expert staff, our customers profit from an organised overall service offering all from one single source. Our comprehensive range of office equipment covers not only desk and cabinet systems, but also mobile furniture, roller containers, seating, tabletop systems, conference room and canteen solutions and much more.

    Stable constructions made from steel have become our trademark. Our robust and durable products therefore provide a high level of investment and planning security at an attractive price/performance ratio.
    • Bench systems

    • The foundation of every office
      SSI SCHAEFER Desk Systems combine contemporary, functional and ergonomic designs with high quality construction and outstanding value for money.

      At the very heart of our product range are the various desk systems, each of which has its own base design. A number of these are available with coloured side panel inserts which add a uniquely attractive touch to the design
    • Seating

    • Ergonomic and Unique
      Our extensive range of seating is both comfortable and user-friendly and is the perfect companion to our office furniture solutions. But this is not just because they look good.

      As anyone who has spent long periods of time at a desk will tell you, it is only possible to maintain concentration on your work if you are sitting comfortably and change your sitting position regularly.
    • Storage space

    • Flexible and custom space design
      With our storage space systems for offices, the practical requirements are the be-all and end-all. In the storage space systems, too, SSI SCHAEFER combines functionality with a timeless design, that can be adapted with numerous designs.

  • Work tables

  • Tailor-made modular workbenches and work stations

    Ever more flexible production workflows demand a high degree of organisation variety in the field of workstation design.

    SSI SCHAEFER offers systems which enable you to react quickly and efficiently to changing requirements. All workstation systems can be combined with one another to facilitate the variable equipping of the workbenches in line with the motto "For solutions that fit".
    • Intelligent assembly systems

    • - For optimum group work
      - Ideal for commercial training
      - Modular in design
    • Workbenches

    • - Drawer units and base units can be assembled to the right or left
      - All workbenches supplied without upstands and shelves
      - High-grade sheet metal
      - High load capacity pedestal
    • Height-adjustable tables

    • - Motorised height adjustment
      - Delivered pre-assembled
      - Comprehensive range of accessories
      - For medium loads
    • Workbench back panels

    • - Modular system in three widths
      - Can be retro-fitted to existing workbenches
      - Can be combined with many SSI SCHAEFER components
      - Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Tool storage

  • Protective and neat storage of high quality NC tools

    The Schaefer product range facilitates tool storage that is tailored specifically to your needs.

    From the central tool store to safe transport through to provision at the machine. The NC tool holder is available for all standard holder types.
    • Drawer racking

    • The drawer shelving combines the advantages of the drawer cabinets with those of modular shelving and therefore also offers a high load capacity unit for perfect organisation.
    • Drawer cabinets

    • Five casing models and 11 drawer sizes in three system widths ensure a variety of model options and numerous equipment variations as complete cabinets.
      In addition we offer a comprehensive range of accessories for:
      - Drawer subdivision
      - Tools and NC tools
      - Small parts
    • Vertical pull-out drawers

    • - High load capacity up to 500 kg / pull-out drawer
      - Vertical pull-out drawers at full height
      - Comprehensive range of inserts and accessories
    • NC storage components

    • NC tool cabinets also available with vertical drawers and thus ideal for housing cylindrical tools
      - Comprehensive range of accessories
      - Fully extendable drawers
      up to 150 kg load capacity
      - No assembly required
  • Provision

  • Fast and volume-optimised provision for the production process; with the SSI SCHAEFER range for materials provision this is no problem. Our provision, tool and transport trolleys carry out this task with complete reliability and thanks to the high material quality, a long service life is assured.
    • Transport trolley

    • - Load bearing capacity 500 kg
      - Stable angle-frame design
      - With trimmed plywood plate
      - 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors,
      Ø = 200 mm, solid rubber
    • Tool trolley

    • - High-grade sheet metal
      - Stable, all-metal construction
      - As a mobile assembly unit or for materials provision
  • Equipment for common rooms

  • Wardrobes and clothes lockers – equipment for changing rooms

    No workshop is complete without well-equipped changing rooms and common rooms. This is where employees can change clothing and safely store their personal belongings.
    All SSI SCHAEFER locker columns and wardrobes can be quickly installed without structural alterations and extended as required at any time. Their extraordinary versatility offers both individuality and enormous space saving effects. For instance, up to 20 lockers take up little more than 1 metre of room length.
    • Wardrobes

    • - Two compartment widths
      - High-grade sheet metal
      - Pale grey casing
      - Doors in 7 different RAL colours
      - Doors with ventilation grilles
      - Rotary catch suitable for a padlock
    • Laundry issue

    • -One width
      - 2 x 8 compartments or 2 x 5 compartments, each compartment can be individually locked
      - High-grade sheet metal
      - Doors with security lock and two keys
    • Compartment cabinets

    • - Two bay widths
      - Three bay heights
      - High-grade sheet metal
      - Pale grey casing
      - Doors in 7 different RAL colours
      - Doors with security lock and two keys
    • Wardrobe cabinets

    • - Two widths
      - High-grade sheet metal
      - Doors with security lock and two keys
    • Changing

    • - Clothes locker with seats
      - With bench underneath or in front
      - Beechwood strip support
  • Cabinets

  • Systemised versatile "inner life"

    Regardless of whether you want to store large or small objects, keep files or just hang up your coat – there is a materials cabinet to suit every purpose.

    In workshops, in industry and in offices, SSI SCHAEFER cabinet systems have proved themselves a thousand times over. The modular design and the flexible customisation options mean that these systems are indispensable for many firms.

    The SSI SCHAEFER range of cabinets is systematic, versatile and variable. A state of the art design to meet everyday needs. A range with solutions that fit.
    • Drawer cabinets

    • Five casing models and 11 drawer sizes in three system widths ensure a variety of model options and numerous equipment variations as complete cabinets.
      In addition we offer a comprehensive range of accessories for:
      - Drawer subdivision
      - Tools and NC tools
      - Small parts
    • Wing door cabinets

    • Modular design and flexible customisation options ensure numerous variation options.

      - Solid steel plate construction
      - Reinforced wing doors with noise-insulating rubber buffers
    • Tool cabinets

    • Whether it's materials, tools or writing equipment, the workshop cabinet with desk top means everything is always at hand.
      - Wing doors
      - Adjustable height intermediate shelves
      - Load capacity per shelf 50 kg
      - Handle and cylinder lock
    • Cabinets with shelving

    • Individual design thanks to different equipment variations. Systematic versatility thanks to a variety of heights. Without doors can be used as open shelving and
      - fully compatible with our semi-open front storage containers
      - Adjustable height intermediate shelves
      - Door lock with recessed rotary handle and security lock
    • Sliding door cabinets

    • Cabinets with sliding doors on roller bearings, smooth-running, with handgrips, lockable.
      - Quality sheet metal, enamel finish
      - Adjustable intermediate shelves
      - Compatible with our R 2000 counter cabinet range
      (TSS range only)
    • Countertop cabinets

    • - High degree of utilisation of storage space for small parts or tools
      - Reduction in training times
      - Can be freely combined
      - Comprehensive range of accessories
    • Bolt-free shelving system R 2000

    • Adjustable and expandable racking system with a high level of flexibility and a wide range of equipment and organisational accessories. Easy assembly Base shelf, intermediate shelf and top shelf are simply connected to the uprights. This way, a complete racking system develops from just 3 base elements, variable in height, lengths, widths and depths.
      - Bolt free assembly in only a few minutes
      - Basic bay modular design
      - Up to 5000 kg bay load
      - Solid steel side and back panels
      - Comprehensive range of add-ons and accessories
    • Post distribution cabinets

    • - Quality steel plate with high quality powder coating
      - 2 x 11 compartments or 3 x 11 compartments
      - A4 long slots
      - Security locks with 2 keys
  • Safety and environment

  • Hazardous goods storage is a matter for management!
    Improper storage of hazardous goods can have serious consequences. The Schaefer safe@work range helps you to organise the decentral storage of hazardous substances conforming to legal requirements and to reduce personal liability risks of the company owner.
    • Environmental cabinets

    • To store water-hazardous substances in small packs. Not for the storage of flammable hazardous goods.
    • Fire-resistant cabinets

    • 90 minute fire-resistance. To store hazardous substances in working areas conforming to DIN EN 14470-1 (type 90) and the TRbF 20 Technical Regulations on Flammable Liquids (Appendix L).
    • Hazardous goods racking

    • Ideal for storing small packs and canisters up to a 40 litre pack size. Compartment loads up to 200 kg. There are 2 models available:
      Equipment with mesh floors: To store water-hazardous and flammable liquids in all hazard classifications.
      Equipment with intermediate shelves: To store water-hazardous liquids.
    • Drip trays

    • Steel drip trays:
      Can be used for flammable and water-hazardous liquids.
      Polyethylene drip trays:
      Can be used for water-hazardous liquids, acids or alkalis. A drip tray must be able to house the content of the largest container (at least 10% of the inward goods volume). PE drip trays cannot be used to store flammable liquids.
    • Hazardous substance containers

    • Hazardous goods containers from SSI SCHAEFER – the solution for the safe and regulations-compliant storage of larger volumes of water-hazardous media and flammable liquids.
    • Safety containers

    • For the daily handling of environmental hazardous substances at the workplace, including transporting, filling, distributing or dosing hazardous substances, SSI SCHAEFER offers the right solution for every application.
  • Waste Management

  • The technically efficient disposal of waste presents a considerable challenge. A sensible system enabling efficient and cost-effective waste disposal operations is therefore all the more important. And this begins with the containers.

    Products for the Collection of Waste and Recyclable Materials - Container Systems for Industry and Local Authorities

    The technically efficient disposal of waste presents a considerable challenge. A sensible system enabling efficient and cost-effective waste disposal operations is therefore all the more important. And this begins with the containers.

    The advantage of our system: High quality containers in many types and sizes that can be emptied using one and the same vehicle!

    Tough everyday usage demands robust and durable containers for waste and recyclable materials. To ensure these properties, SSI SCHAEFER containers undergo stringent quality controls.

    SSI SCHAEFER is a member of the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance, which is authenticated by the quality stamp (RAL – Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V.) and therefore is required to ensure higher quality requirements than prescribed by the EU standard (EN 840 1- 6). Only the continuous testing of members of the RAL quality institute are permitted to mark their disposal containers made from metal or plastic with the RAL quality stamp.
    • Large Waste Containers

    • Municipalities all over the world as well as private waste management businesses and industrial companies are successfully using our products. Quality, strength and long service life are their most renowned features – even under challenging climatic conditions.

      SSI SCHAEFER offers waste containers with a volume of 60, 80, 120, 140, 180, 240 and 360 litres. On request, we will brand the bins with your logo or the coat of arms of your city. Additional accessories such as locks (for lockable bins), noise reduction, foot-operated lid-opener and spare parts are also available.
    • 4-wheel containers

    • Millions of the large refuse containers are in use. Made in accordance with the dimensions of the European Standard DIN EN 840, these containers conform to the legal requirements demanded by the waste industry.
    • Depot container system

    • Depot containers for the centralised collection of materials – recommended in every respect. The Grumbach system depot containers have been tried and tested in practice for many years and are ideal for the disposal of used paper, used glass, packaging, textiles and electrical waste at central collection points.