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  • Offer Profile
  • An independant factory and market leader in intra-logistic automation Technology

    Today Automha is a leading technology company through its capacity to turn constraints into opportunities, designing each project based on our customers’ requirement – thanks to its team of designers and products, systems and solutions.

    Automation is the result of ideas, inventions, implementations coming from our technical background and built up over the last 30 years out of new sciences such as electronics, information technology and mechatronics.
Product Portfolio
  • Solutions

      • For every industry


        Automha has the experience and the expertise to engineer specific solutions for each industry, optimizing the response to a number of variables in terms of product size, method performance and storage, and picking and operating conditions.

        The products’ features and the configuration of Automha systems are designed to ensure higher performance standards that can be implemented in each industry.
      • With every technology


        Solutions based on various sciences and technologies in the most appropriate configurations and implementations:

        • mechanics: the basis of any technology, it is the science of the movement of bodies (dynamics) and their balance (statics) which becomes the technology used to design and manufacture equipment, machines, mechanisms and all their components.
        • electrotechnics /electronics: the technique used to control electrical energy, electrical machines and circuits in which information is translated into electrical signals
        • information technology: it is the science and technique for automatic processing of information via electronic processes
        • mechatronics: it is the engineering of the interaction between mechanics, electronics and information technology
      • For every requirement


        Automation is the winning choice for efficiency in intra-logistics. Automha has developed a variety of methods and strategies depending on the customer’s requirements:

        • green field projects: new sites, new warehouses
        • on site restructuring: a completely redesigned and rebuilt space, with customized procedures to avoid business disruption when work is in progress
        • revamping: revision, general restructuring and technological modernization and structural changes
        • retrofitting: implementing, adding a new technology and new functionalities
    • Systems

        • Mini-load Booster


          Heavy Miniload warehouses by Automha, are automatic storage systems for containers or trays used in all the requirements characterized by high flows of collection of heavy-weight goods.

          The warehouse is formed by a central corridor where a stacker crane moves, with two shelves located on both sides for the arrangement of boxes and trays. To the side there are one or more automation areas where the stacker crane drops off the load extracted from the rack. Transporters approach the loading unit to the operator and, after the collection, return the loading unit to the stacker for its allocation in the rack. This happens with maximum speed and full computerized management.

          The entire system is coordinated by the management software by Automha (AWM).
        • SRM Autostore


          Autostore warehouses allow the automated storage of loading units of any size and weight. The machines are designed in different solutions for maximum utilization of the available volume. The Autostore storage can be installed in industrial buildings and in self-supporting, independent structures.

          The cutting-edge technology and the efficiency of the Automha stacker cranes is guaranteed by the control systems of operational functions and by the lack of cable connections between machines in motion and concentrator on the ground. The running rails are installed, with an exclusive system, on anti-vibrating pads. The energy supply is provided via double brushes and busbar positioned on the ground.
        • Pallet conveyor


          Automha designs, manufactures and installs automatic transport solutions – systems of pure internal transport, or serving automatic warehouses – able to increase productivity, reduce operating and manpower costs.

          The modules that form the transport lines by Automha are determined by motorized conveyor belts, chains, belts and tapes, and can integrate orthogonal transfers, transhipment shuttles, elevators or other specially designed machines. Every section can be integrated with stations that identify, weigh, control and align the products.
        • Vertical lift module


          Masterlift is an automatic storage and refilling system, characterized by a simple construction.

          Through the addition of vertical modules you can expand it, allowing a remarkable storage of the products in the drawers and a quick, computerized collection of items.

          • Flatpack system: it extracts and inserts the trays on the brackets supporting the involved levels, and serves the work bays. An automatic machine manages the translation and lifting movements.
          • Handled load units: the drawers are made of metal sheet with slotted walls for the division into compartments and/or provided with plastic containers for small parts.
          • Drawers compartment: it is guaranteed by a reading, in the loading bay, of the encumbrance in maximum height, which determines dynamically the storage location of the drawer.
          • Integrated safety in the bay/operator: photocells system of intrinsically safe barrier.
          • Modular total: it allows to realize the warehouse with the most consistent storage capacity, always having the maximum expandability.
      • Products

          • Autosat


            Autosat® is a machine able to move independently and destined for the automatic storage of pallets, in a traditional drive-in shelf of the lane.

            Autosat® guarantees an automatic high-density storage, allowing the maximum exploitation of the stock volume. It demonstrates its effectiveness in the event of repeated draining/filling of the same channel (eg. buffer zone management).

            Depending on your needs, the machine is available in two versions:

            • Autosat®: controlled by a simple multi-function remote control with LED display
            • Autosat® wifi: controlled via wifi with WMS communication (Warehouse Management Software) between PDAs and AGV laser-guided shuttles.

            The semi-automatic vector is distribuited with Pallet-runner brand, in USA and Canada.
          • Supercap


            Supercap® is the satellite that carries a multi-depth storage into fully automated systems. With the introduction of the Supercapacitor technology, we were able to overcome the typical problems of battery-powered systems that claim long charging times (in the case of satellite with integrated batteries) or the presence of operators for the replacement of accumulators (in the case of machine with extractable energy source). In order to overcome the recharge problems, Supercap® ND (Never Die) is provided with a Supercapacitor and a further lithium battery.
          • Autosatmover


            AutosatMover® is the next generation modular system, fully automatic for the automation of multi-depth storage of pallets. It is composed by:

            • Mover, the mother shuttle, which moves on rails that are perpendicular to the storage channels, powered by busway at each loading system
            • Supercap®, the satellite on board, commanded by the mother shuttle via wifi and allocated to the operations in different storage channels, for the automatic collection and storage of pallets.

            The different system configurations are composed of elevators/descenders for Pallets. These are intended for the delivery of pallets to the different storage channel for its management by AutosatMover, and elevators/descenders for the Mover. This happens only in configurations where a single AutosatMover is working on different levels.

            Even for AutosatMover®, the management of the entire system is provided by our WMS software.
        • Sofware

              • AWM


                The AWM software is based on 4 softwares, each specific to every automation sector:

                • AWM: automatic warehouse manager, web interface for warehouse management
                • PCM: PLC communication manager, communication software with PLC
                • SQUL procedures: Microsoft Sql Software procedures for the management of warehouse logics
                • HMI Siemens: operator panels on switchboard

                AWM is the tool through which the operators interface with the system, through a series of masks, to manage and perform the insertion, loading, refilling and picking typical of automated warehouses. AWM allows the control and monitoring of the plant status.