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Birmingham’s NEC is the UK’s largest exhibition centre, spanning over 20,000m2, hosting 160 shows and exhibitions and attracting over five million visitors every year. Under the annual events hosted by the NEC are […]

PlanET receives innovation award

Sole Lead for Gas Management System The PlanET Biogas Group received the ‘dlv novelties award 2017’, one of the most significant German innovation awards of the agricultural sector. The German agricultural publishing […]

Schäffer launches new engine equipped with electronically regulated drive

Schäffer increases the agility and the driving comfort of its medium-series loaders. The difficult condition in the agricultural markets requires the machines to be increasingly efficient. A re-designed concept of the drives, […]

Epson’s new inertial measurement units are ideal for demanding applications in agriculture and construction area

Epson, the leading manufacturer of Quartz MEMS inertial sensors, has released two new inertial measurement units (IMUs), the M-G364 and M-G354 that are designed specifically for demanding environments such as agriculture and […]

Fliegl releases new high-performance oil filter specially designed for extreme agricultural applications

Hydraulic systems are used in the numerous and multi-faceted processes of agri-logistics. So that these processes can run reliably over the long term, the hydraulics have to provide trouble-free operation – and […]

John Deere added new grading-heel buckets to its range of Worksite Pro™ attachments

John Deere is expanding its lineup of easy-to-use Worksite Pro™ attachments with the new grading-heel buckets. Specially designed for the new Small-Frame G-Series skid steers (312GR, 314G, 316GR, 318G) and compact track […]

John Deere introduces its new 3154G and 3754G swing machines

Setting a new industry standard for the swing machine market, the highly anticipated John Deere 3154/3156G and 3754/3756G swing machines offer operators increases in productivity, durability and reliability. From loading to processing […]

HepcoMotion’s linear guide rail utilized in BCM’s harvesting robot

Why is asparagus one of the most expensive vegetables in Europe? Because harvesters have to painstakingly pierce each stalk individually. A robot could change this, and engineers at the Bremen Centre for […]

John Deere integrates SmartGrade technology to its SmartGrade™ crawler dozers

  John Deere is building on its lineup of SmartGrade™ crawler dozers with the integration of the machine control offering on the 750K and 850K models. Adding SmartGrade availability on these larger […]

Fliegl US showcased its agricultural solutions at the National Farm Machinery Show

The National Farm Machinery Show took place in the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville in Kentucky. 860 exhibitors covered 1.2 million square feet of floor space as the National Farm Machinery show […]

Schäffer displays its new 6680 T telescopic wheel loader at Agritechnica 2015

Schäffer is presenting its new telescopic wheel loader, the 6680 T, at the Agritechnica 2015. This strengthens the loader specialist’s market position as the supplier with the broadest range of articulated telescopic […]

NEMO® B.Max® biomass pump by NETZSCH robust and flexible in biogas production

Netsch’s NEMO® B.Max®  biomass pump technology proves successful in biogas production thanks to high mixing performance and robustness. The production of biogas requires continuous supply to the fermenter to ensure an uninterrupted fermentation […]

Fliegl Axle Weighing System features upgradable weighing system with high precision

Accurate digital weighing data is more important than ever. It is the basis for complete transport documentation, for example in harvesting, and provides clarity in accounting especially for agricultural contractors; it allows […]