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König + Neurath
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  • Offer Profile
  • From the outset we’ve been developing and cultivating long-term business relationships. Our customers have confidence in our office solutions because they know that as they grow we will be able to support them. No matter if customers’ needs are domestic or international, König + Neurath’s dedicated network of specialist partners are there to help.

    Unbeatable in combination.
    The König + Neurath system. A holistic concept, which integrates a company’s individual requirement with the performance parameters of the most varied workspaces. The consequence: unique office solutions.The result: High performance workspace.
Product Portfolio
  • Office furniture

  • Ergonomics, the backbone for successful companies.
    Office design has a direct influence on motivation and performance. So if you want to increase your employees‘ motivation, you should carefully consider the work environment. The office scenarios that König + Neurath plans and designs pursue the goal of noticeably improving the performance and motivation of office workers through the products’ ergonomic qualities.
      • König + Neurath receives the iF DESIGN AWARD for its INSIDE 50 flexible screen system

            • iF DESIGN AWARD

            • König + Neurath AG,is looking forward to receiving the iF DESIGN AWARD for its INSIDE 50 flexible screen system at the next awards ceremony.

              INSIDE.50 – the specialist for division of space and for private zones
              It is especially in open-plan offices that the background noise level is considered nuisance factor no. 1. Employees can only work effectively when they feel at ease at their workstation. The modular, frameless screens from the INSIDE 50 range create spatial, visual and acoustic privacy for concentrated work. They create an aesthetically sophisticated division of the floor area into different work areas and communication zones. In this way, the employee has a personal space in which to alternate between concentration and communication with colleagues. The slender outline makes for an unobtrusive impression, and creates a modern and aesthetically pleasing work environment. The fabric-wrapped aluminium profiles underscore the homely feel of the product.

        • Workstation

            • TALO.S

            • Ergonomic functionality in its highest form.
              Whatever plane you're thinking on: the TALO.S workstation system offers three different height options – gas lift, motorised adjustment and fixed-height desk – to provide the perfect basis for day-to-day use in the workplace. All models follow the same attractive and universal design. The desk's structure is cleverly thought-out, without the need for an additional visible main beam. This leaves enough legroom, as well as space for a pedestal under the desk. TALO.S is designed to be used as a stand-alone workstation, in a linked configuration, or as an integral part of an office layout. The TALO.S Workbench offers the same ergonomic benefits as the single sit-stand solution, in the form of a double workstation. The worktops are independently height adjustable, so each station can easily be set to a different height.
            • TABLE.T/A/W

            • Ergonomics and design for the highest standards.
              Used as a standard workstation or sit/stand solution: the TABLE workstation system is always an aesthetic and functional solution. The T-leg is a convincing product, not solely because of the high-quality materials and finishes used. Other outstanding features are the easy-to-operate technology, both for the manual height adjustment workstation and the motorized model. The new split sliding top provides rapid access to power and data cables, and the new Perspex panels give it a fresh and modern look. Awarded the red dot design award 2014.
            • ECO.S

            • Economy meets diversity.
              To work efficiently, you need a workstation that performs. It's even better if it ticks the design boxes too. DO.IT.4 as a workstation system combines functionality with minimal form. The shadow gap as a central design feature lends the workstation system an elegant lightness. With its understated design, DO.IT.4 coordinates with every interior style, and its minimalist looks allow it to fit in with any working environment.
            • BASIC.4

            • Clear forms. Versatile functions.
              The classic four-legged workstation system BASIC.4 provides everything: an aesthetically attractive appearance, minimalist design and a high level of functionality. The clear design lines of BASIC.4 give it a unique look and a winning elegance. This is accentuated by the mitred leg frame or the shadow gap styling. BASIC.4's modular design means that it can be upgraded with diverse accessories, arranged in linked configurations and adapted depending on the work scenario. That has to be the ideal basis for efficient and individual working!
            • DO IT 4

            • Concentrating on essentials.
              To work efficiently, you need a workstation that performs. It's even better if it ticks the design boxes too. DO.IT.4 as a workstation system combines functionality with minimal form. The shadow gap as a central design feature lends the workstation system an elegant lightness. With its understated design, DO.IT.4 coordinates with every interior style, and its minimalist looks allow it to fit in with any working environment.
            • METRA

            • Versatility as a concept.
              METRA provides all the benefits of a modern, ergonomic workstation system. The great variety of features creates the ideal conditions for adapting the system to individual requirements. The METRA desk range appeals both in function and in design. The distinctive design feature is the twin-tube "C" leg frame.
          • Storage

          • Even the storage systems are made to measure.
            Whether in wood or steel: König+Neurath creates solutions for every office that are focused on the user and the user’s demands. Attractive design and intelligent storage internals ensure office organizational demands are met by every storage range. And they make an ideal combination with the König + Neurath workstation systems.
              • ACTA.CLASSIC

              • Systematic order.
                The universal cupboard system ACTA.CLASSIC makes it possible to customise the storage for any office. The classic straight lines of the ACTA.CLASSIC design bring systematic order to any creative chaos. Documents, paper and files are organised into an efficient and versatile system concealed behind a selection of front styles and different unit heights. Coordinate the high-quality finish with your interior décor – the choice is yours. ACTA.CLASSIC can be used as a room divider in an open space, bringing structure into the office and effortlessly creating individual storage and a private sphere.
              • ACTA.FERRO

              • Timeless design and long working life.
                The high-quality ACTA.FERRO steel cabinet system has an impressive, timeless design and a classy material mix which bring an exclusive charm to every office. ACTA.FERRO's potential for functionality and good looks make it ideal for creating structure in larger rooms, with its elegant design and acoustic features. The perforated steel fronts improve the room quality with their acoustic properties, creating a pleasant working atmosphere. The steel carcass ensures low weight and high stability, so that it can be moved around easily. You can add individual design touches by combining different materials such as steel, wood, glass and fabric while drawing on K+N's attractive colour palette.
              • ACTA.PLUS

              • Design and function in perfect order.
                The versatile ACTA.PLUS storage range offers customised configuration possibilities. The design is of a high standard with the supplementary casing, as well as a variety of finishes. Different types of cupboard – open, shelf unit or closed-front with tambour, hinged door, sliding door or filing drawers – provide perfectly-organised storage. The design is sleek and the shadow gap lends a delicate appearance. ACTA.PLUS has cladding on the back so that it can also be used as an elegant room divider to bring structure into a room. The cupboard doors can be ordered with an acoustic lining, another important contribution towards a good working atmosphere.
              • Workstation support

              • Mobile furniture and pull-up furniture.
                Versatile and comfortable: pedestals, pull-out sidefilers and mobile furniture provide more storage and improved organisation for individually-styled workstations. They match every look, suit every office and are ready to face any challenge. Cupboards, pedestals, or racks – you can put them exactly where you need them at that moment
              • UNIVERSAL.PLUS

              • Well organised.
                How can you optimally organise an office from top to bottom? With a great variety of models and consistent carcass structure. The flexible modular construction of the UNIVERSAL wall unit system lets it fit harmoniously into any room structure. By adding a finished panel at the rear, UNIVERSAL can be used as a room partition.
            • Management

            • To represent competence, creativity and sovereignty on the highest level to the outside means leadership with style. The most exacting demands with respect to functionality and design need to be met in order to create a convincing impression in the executive suites of a company. König+Neurath leaves aesthetic marks with high-quality materials. Different surface treatments, from classical to innovative, combine with well thought-out ergonomic details for a trend-setting ambience.
                • TABLE

                • More lightness for the management floor.
                  Used in the management office: the TABLE workstation system is always an aesthetic and functional solution. The elegant A-leg lends unique style to the room with worktops of all kinds. Particularly effective: the combination of a dual top and a workstation extension in glass or veneer. The slab-ended leg frame with the shadow gap gives a light and aesthetic look, which is further reinforced by invisible cable management concealed inside the leg frame. The matching technology pedestal accommodates the printer and CPU, as well as providing an elegant desk-based storage option. This is the new way of interpreting management furniture.
                • SUMMA.MANAGEMENT

                • The expression of superiority.
                  The modern office demands high designer quality combined with clear functionality and flexibility. With its fascinating versatility, SUMMA is opening up new dimensions for creative office design and stands as a timeless design classic. An eye-catching design feature is the filigree foot frame of polished aluminium.
                • CONLINE M

                • Elegance and functionality.
                  The exclusive CONLINE.M management range stands out with its winning combination of aluminium, chrome and quality veneers. The principal design feature is the leg frame, which radiates lightness and high-quality elegance. A hint of Art Deco serves as a visual highlight in any executive suite.
                • PENSO.M

                • The standard in management.
                  PENSO.M is just as individual as a leadership style. The modern aesthetic with a strong relationship to architecture is expressed in the clarity of the design in the elegant skid frame. The smart, elegant electrification that lets the cables disappear invisibly from the desk.
              • Conference + Seminar

              • Communication – a key factor for success
                In an increasingly networked world, communication is a key factor for success. The requirements for office areas which serve direct communication are increasing, and reflect very different applications. The spectrum ranges from the classical conference room via training and seminar rooms to multi-functional meeting zones. Systems from König + Neurath supply the answer to these complex challenges.
                  • MOVE.ME

                  • MOBILE MEETING POINTS.
                    Flexibility features strongly in meeting and seminar rooms with MOVE.ME. it's all in the name: everything is mobile and easy to move, from the chair to the table to the screen – thanks to the light-weight steel wire design. MOVE.ME has a whole range of versatile functions making it ideal for all meeting areas, while its impressive design and fair price-performance ratio make it a convincing product.
                  • DO IT.4

                  • Bench systematic and functional
                    The DO IT.4 bench system can be used and networked for meetings, brainstorming sessions and teamwork. You see, creativity happens where people are able to come together. New forms of communication displace the old priorities. New ideas can only take hold if structures can be flexibly changed. Organiser screens can be fitted easily to zone off individual working areas. A conference system can quickly become an individual workstation in an open space office. The shadow gap as a central design feature of DO IT.4 also lends the bench system an elegant lightness.
                  • PLENUM.K

                  • The standard for good communication.
                    The flexible media-oriented conference system, PLENUM.K, sets new standards in meetings and conference rooms. The design is based on modern bridge architecture with an above-average span of up to four metres. The number of desk legs is reduced to a minimum. This gives conference delegates more legroom. Thanks to the link node, PLENUM.K can be configured in a number of ways – providing a high level of planning flexibility for meetings or concentrated working in groups. PLENUM.K combines technical functionality by integrating state-of-the-art media technology, high quality and a superior aesthetic standard for individually-tailored requirements.
                  • SUMMA

                  • The timeless design classic.
                    SUMMA stands for the best of design, combined with clear functionality and flexibility. Whether as a meeting table or in conference areas – SUMMA answers the call for a timeless design classic. With a SUMMA folding table, even the most short-term moves are no longer a problem. Folded up twice, it fits into every lift.
                  • CONLINE K

                  • Perfection of form.
                    Elegance plus intelligent understatement. CONLINE.K, with its wide range of shapes and sizes, is the ideal system for conferences of every size. With its electrics set into the top and the concealed cable runs in the legs, you are equipped for all eventualities.
                  • MEMO.S

                  • The mobile, multi-function table.
                    MEMO.S adapts quickly and easily to very different work situations in conferences or meetings. From their nested parking position, you can make any configuration you want from these free-standing tables, and they are easily stowed away again.
                • Screen systems

                • Designed for open communications.
                  Work areas are where success is bred. Their sophisticated design and configuration ensure optimal working processes.
                    • INSIDE.25

                    • Organisation is everything.
                      Designing your open space perfectly. With its elegant, lightweight looks it can easily be connected with workstation and storage systems: office areas can be furnished both functionally and efficiently with INSIDE.25. The elements are just 25 mm thick, making them simple to set up – and the room structure can easily be adapted to suit new requirements at any time. The INSIDE.25 screen is stylishly complemented by the coordinating organizer elements: the selection ranges from task lights and magnetic info boards to shelves. This means that individually-designed work stations fit harmoniously into the overall room structure.
                    • INSIDE.50

                    • New elegance
                      The new, elegant screen from the INSIDE range is especially stable, acoustically effective and electrical connections can be set up easily. It is absolutely simple to assemble and combine with other elements. But most importantly it has an acoustic infill with Class B absorber properties for a significantly better understanding of speech in the office. This makes INSIDE.50 ideal for the highly varied requirements of an open-space office. 
                    • INSIDE.60

                    • A very attractive structure.
                      Quiet areas, communication rooms or individualized workplaces - INSIDE.60 combines aesthetics and function. With INSIDE.60 you can quickly create individual spaces for people to think in peace away from the hectic noise of the office. The acoustic versions of these elements not only meet extremely high technical standards, but also aesthetic requirements. Its rapid, tool-free assembly and lightweight, modular construction makes the partition system particularly functional, flexible and economical. The screens can be reconfigured or extended exactly as required without high costs for installation and subsequent use.
                    • INSIDE.80

                    • Systematic flexibility
                      INSIDE.80 lets you create, time after time, office landscapes with optimum functionality. Whether you need an individual workstation or a team office – the system provides the right solution for every requirement. It can be used to create a communicative yet intimate atmosphere. One example is the glass screen, which gives an impression of openness, while shielding from intrusive noises.
                  • Reception

                  • First impressions count.
                    Whether the reception is a central point for information and advice or a meeting point for the whole office as well as for customer traffic: the first impression is often decisive. High-grade materials, with clear forms and structures – the König + Neurath systems will welcome you in style.

                    BOLD-ON-COUNTER: A desk becomes the reception.
                    What can be done when the office suddenly needs a contact point for customer traffic? A rapid solution is required. A system that turns a desk into a reception area: the bolt-on counter. Using the bolt-on counter, most desk ranges can be turned into a reception desk in minutes. The sheer simplicity of this solution is captivating.

                    • TEAM.WORK.SPACE

                    • Every form of work needs the right kind of environment – allowing you to feel at ease as well as motivated. TEAM.WORK.SPACE satisfies this requirement. The furnishing concept allows for all forms of open space working: concentrated, creative and communicative working, individually, in pairs or as a team, at a full-time workstation or just passing through. Designed by code2design.
                        • THINK.TANK

                        • SILENT AREA

                        • Team Area

                        • WORK LOUNGE

                        • HOT DESK

                        • WORK DESK

                      • NET.WORK.PLACE

                      • New dynamics in the office. NET.WORK.PLACE
                        Flexibility, modularity, cooperation and identification are just four of the countless key words used to describe trends within the office environment. The modular central zone concept NET.WORK.PLACE picks up on these trends and allows networking of people, projects, concepts and ideas. The quadratic design allows the individual elements to be combined and reconfigured simply and quickly to suit the needs of the moment with respect to communication and privacy. The result is a new and inspirational working environment – every time.
                        • Seating

                        • Ergonomics, the support for successful companies.
                          When choosing office chairs, companies should keep both the wellbeing of their employees’ and cost effectiveness in mind. The ergonomic quality of the seating is crucial for this. Adaptability, Dynamics, Stimulation and Stability are fundamental principles for König + Neurath seating furniture systems.
                            • Swivel chair

                            • Dynamic sitting promotes creative thinking. Static sedentary postures at the desk damage not only your health. High ergonomic standards are therefore the key element of the König+Neurath office chair programme.
                                • VALYOU

                                • The Work-Seat-Balance for the modern office.
                                  Dynamic and comfortable, straightforward and casual: VALYOU embodies these new values in the workplace. The concept concentrates on the essentials and unites a sophisticated ergonomic mechanism with easy operation. At the same time its design is contemporary and linear, whilst its value-for-money is absolutely conclusive. What more could you want?
                                • JET.II

                                • The Answer to your wishes: Our Diversity.
                                  The JET.II task chair family ticks all theboxes with a single concept. Themodular system makes it possible to include each feature in a configuration where it is needed. JET.II has everything you need: whether you prefer the synchro mechanism or automatic weight setting, basic or multifunction armrests, with or without a lumbar support or headrest, mesh back, plastic shell, upholstered or 3D mesh, JET.II has individual character so that it blends in with any office environment. It features extra ergonomic options so that it meets all ergonomic standards expected for a healthy sitting posture, above and beyond the requirements of the ergonomics certificate.
                                • OKAY.II

                                • The leading concept for the back.
                                  With the new OKAY.II chair, König + Neurath focuses on the combination of the established vsp® synchro mechanism with a new backrest concept. The user can choose between two high-quality backrest styles: the highly flexible, breathable mesh option allows air to circulate freely and provides a comfortable counter-pressure. The mesh back also gives the chair a certain lightness and elegance, so that it integrates perfectly with existing room concepts. A weight-bearing elastic 3D fabric with a comfortable cushion pad is used for the upholstered backrest alternative. The distinctively shaped backrest features clear design lines and a sleek look. It takes on the function of the asymmetrically-adjustable lumbar support. It features infinitely variable adjustment in height and depth, so that the user's lumbar region is supported precisely according to his requirements and preferences. This takes the strain off the intervertebral discs.
                                • LAMIGA

                                • Embrace your back.
                                  Ergonomics, taken one stage further. A perfect sitting experience with LAMIGA. The ergonomic concept of the office chair ensures that you feel comfortable while you sit. The flexible backrest shell, with infinitely variable adjustment for any user controlled by the distinctive ERGO-DISC, adapts perfectly to the shape of the back with every movement. The synchro mechanism is the core element of dynamic sitting, offering a harmonious motion sequence with wide angle ranges and an effective return function that can cope with a variety of physical situations. In combination with many other ergonomic functions and comfortable, intuitive controls, LAMIGA is a match for any requirement in the office.
                                • JET.ONE, JET.N,JET.X, JET-PLUS.

                                • Perfection in price and performance.
                                  The JET task chair family stands for perfect ergonomics, a comprehensive range of accessories, clear design lines and leading-brand quality, with an impressive price/benefit ratio. The synchro mechanism especially developed for JET offers users a generous opening angle with an optimum synchro ratio for a comfortable sitting feel. JET is available in a variety of styles with mesh backrest or fully-upholstered, so that it suits any furnishing style and budget.
                                • OKAY

                                • The name says it all!
                                  This attractive seating system has a universal character, and with its many variants it is ideal for a wide range of uses. Design, quality and ergonomics with an outstanding price/value relationship. The specially-developed vsp synchro mechanism (virtual swing point) connects the backrest to the seat and seat pan support, so that the pivotal axes and radii are perfectly synchronised to the dynamic movement of the body.
                                • TENSA

                                • Design for a miracle movement.
                                  The more static the work, the more one should move while sitting. The TENSA family of office chairs meets this demand to the greatest possible extent. The result is that TENSA ensures greater concentration and motivation in the workplace. The TENSA secret is its DTS synchronous mechanism ("Dynamic Torsion System"). It provides the body with optimum support for forward and backward movement with the ideal synchro ratio of 1:2. The front of the seat is lowered, which stimulates circulation in the legs. The backrest is designed to support a twisting movement and the seat has lateral flexibility, so that the posture remains correct even when the sitter twists or moves to the side. The human back has been used as the design basis for the TENSA.TS backrest. The open, flexible ribs allow it to adapt to the body's contours, to ensure pleasant and healthy sitting. The optional headrest is height-adjustable, so that the shoulders and neck are always relaxed at work.
                                • SIGNETA

                                • The new designs for variable workplaces demand innovations.
                                  For example, task chairs that adapt to their users, and provide optimum flexibility and comfort. SIGNETA answers the question whether intuitively correct sitting – without a user's manual – and the individuality of "one's own chair" can be combined. SIGNETA converts movement into energy. The mechanism developed by ITO design registers the weight and proportions of the user, distributing it intelligently across the backrest. Without the need for fine adjustment, the technology automatically follows body movements – from a forward posture to a reclining position – which encourages dynamic sitting. This is essential in order to avoid backache or even prevent spinal damage.
                                • KINETA

                                • What's the intuitive way to sit correctly?
                                  With the new KiNETA task chair – it's the first chair to be developed according to the i-seating® principle for intuitively correct sitting. It combines unconventional design with technology reduced to an absolute minimum – and a remarkable ease of use. With KiNETA, the only adjustments are to the seat height and to the armrests. The user's weight is registered by the Self Control System, which adapts to it. KiNETA automatically follows the movements from the forward to the fully reclining position - and promotes dynamic sitting. This makes KINETA ideal for workstations shared by multiple users.
                                • JUVENTA

                                • The most intelligent solution is simple.
                                  JUVENTA stands for all you would expect from a contemporary office chair: ergonomic quality as a result of the synchronised movement, as well as a modern aesthetic appearance for team and individual workstations.

                                  The contrast between the straight and swooping lines of the backrests forms a harmonious unit. The colour choices for the seat shell in cool white, classy grey or traditional black can be used as a distinctive highlight. Three words sum up JUVENTA: intelligent seating solutions.
                              • Visitor chairs

                              • Visitor chairs demonstrate to clients and guests if they are held in high esteem.
                                  • JET.II

                                  • Visitors have requirements too.
                                    Whether you opt for the cantilever chair or four-legged base, JET.II has various backrest options, offering design and comfort across the range. It can be used as seating in canteens or as a classic visitor chair. Wishes come true with JET.II.
                                  • Okay.II

                                  • Optimum comfort.
                                    The OKAY.II visitor chairs are a perfect match for the OKAY.II task chairs – and of course for any office environment. They are available in four-legged and cantilever versions. With a powder-coated or chrome frame. With a breathable mesh backrest, foam upholstery, ribbed fabric or 3D mesh and in different colours. You can have whatever you like.
                                  • PUBLICA

                                  • Always in good company.
                                    PUBLICA - the aesthetically and functionally convincing chair range for all communication zones. For a variety of uses from the canteen to the working lounge. The PUBLICA multi-purpose chair is both universal and versatile, with its distinctively uncluttered design, the elegant, slender profile of the seat shell, and the four-legged base in square steel tube for a lightweight look. Practical details such as a fold-away writing tablet, the optional row-linking device, or the easy-to-use seat and row-numbering system round off the PUBLICA range.
                                  • TENSA

                                  • Qualities that convince.
                                    With its various visitor chair versions, TENSA provides the suitable solution for many uses in a multitude of colour and material combinations. The chair is available as a cantilever model, optionally stackable, or as a stackable four-legged version.
                                  • JET

                                  • The difference is in the design.
                                    Alongside the JET.ONE and JET.X task chairs, there is a matching visitor chair for each design variant – optionally available as a cantilever or four-legged chair with or without armrests. They are stackable, so do not take up much space when stored.
                                  • OKAY

                                  • Innovative design concept in variations.
                                    As a cantilever or as a stackable four-legged chair, with a one-piece shell or a split shell, whether completely upholstered or with a mesh back: with its various visitor's chair versions, OKAY provides the suitable chair in a multitude of colour and material combinations for practically every demand and use.
                                  • JUVENTA

                                  • Versatility triumphs
                                    JUVENTA stands for individual comfort and clear lines. There are various different options for the visitor chair, making it the perfect complement to any modern office décor – whatever your upholstery and colour design you choose for the seat shell. Optional armrests make the visitor chair even more comfortable.
                                  • SIGNETA

                                  • Creates capacity.
                                    The SIGNETA visitor chairs are available with upholstery to the seat only, or seat and back, and their slender elegance goes well with any furnishing style. The cantilever chair can be stackable or non-stackable. The four-legged chair is stackable. Both models feature armrests as standard.
                                  • LAMIGA

                                  • The visitor is king.
                                    The informal LAMIGA cantilever chair allows visitors to sit comfortably, always looking elegant and athletic. The contemporary design adds interest to any room. The backrest shell is available in black or light grey.
                                  • KINETA

                                  • Do sit down?
                                    The KINETA cantilever chair is inviting for visitors. The breathable mesh backrest ensures optimum regulation of body temperature. Visitor chairs are optionally available with armrests.
                                • CHARTA

                                • For highest standards of design.
                                  Clarity and an eye for the essential are characteristics of professional conduct. Being able to execute decisions elegantly is an individual bonus. For CHARTA both of these go without saying: the collection is functional and succinct, bringing clear lines into executive suites whilst creating an impression with its stylishly minimal design. The CHARTA management chair combines perfect craftsmanship with the extraordinary elegance of its shape. The high-gloss plastic shells, available in either black or white, select fabrics, fine leather and polished aluminium or high-gloss chrome metal parts exude class and exclusivity. Fine details such as the piped seam feature add a special touch.
                                  • Conference + Seminar

                                  • The way you sit, the way you negotiate. Conference chairs provide the optimal ergonomic support and a relaxed atmosphere for discussion. Even marathon negotiations can be sat out comfortably on a chair with anatomically shaped seat and synchronous mechanism.
                                      • MOVE.ME

                                      • MOBILE MEETING POINTS.
                                        Flexibility features strongly in meeting and seminar rooms with MOVE.ME. it's all in the name: everything is mobile and easy to move, from the chair to the table to the screen – thanks to the light-weight steel wire design. MOVE.ME has a whole range of versatile functions making it ideal for all meeting areas, while its impressive design and fair price-performance ratio make it a convincing product.
                                      • CHARTA

                                      • SIMPLE ELEGANCE.
                                        The spring suspension of the elegantCHARTA conference chair seatsproduces a "cantilever feeling", which delivers seating pleasure – while the swing suspension of the backrest; which is available in two different heights, gives added comfort. The lounge chair is invitingly designed, with a sitting angle that is inclined backwards. With the matching stool, the chair offers visitors a bonus when it comes to luxurious relaxation in a pleasant ambience for discussion, The CHARTA collection adds highlights anywhere that needs an attractive, long-term solution at the top level.
                                      • OKAY.II

                                      • SITTING IN STYLE.
                                        Long meetings or conferences – not aproblem with OKAY.II thanks to the upholstery in combination with the breathable 3D fabric.
                                      • PUBLICA

                                      • READY FOR ANY CONFERENCE.
                                        As a conference chair, PUBLICA scorespoints for elegance and lightness. Themodern, slimline design communicates an inviting clarity – whether you choose the seat shell in black or white plastic, beech veneer in various colours, or high-grade cross-veneered walnut. As well as its straight design lines, PUBLICA stands out for its broad spectrum of comfort-enhancing variants: fully upholstered, just the seat or back upholstered, not upholstered, with and without armrests – which are retrofittable at any point. The four-spoke starbases on glides are optionally available in high-gloss chrome or powder-coated in a number of shades. The five-spoke starbase on castors in the same finishes is also available as an option. The height-adjustable seat avoids tension and backache.
                                      • KINETA

                                      • WHO SITS WHERE AND HOW?
                                        The KINETA conference chair takes thekinetic energy created by movement andinstinctively adjusts to provide optimum seating support for the user. The mechanism automatically detects the user's weight and responds to this with counter-pressure from the backrest. KINETA is a particularly good choice for changing users in meetings, because it means you don't have the hassle of adjusting the chair each time. The chairs can also be fitted with a return spring, so that the chair returns to its preset position after each meeting. Correct sitting is as simple as that.
                                      • LAMIGA

                                      • SIMPLY COMFORTABLE.
                                        In meeting rooms LAMIGA ensures apleasant, modern atmosphere. Theconference chair is height adjustable and has a starbase with either 4 spokes on glides or 5 spokes on castors.
                                    • Canteen + Assembly rooms

                                    • Individuality made to measure. Object seating by König + Neurath offers custom-tailored individuality with an outfit that fits.
                                        • MOVE.ME

                                        • MOBILE MEETING POINTS.
                                          Flexibility features strongly in meeting and seminar rooms with MOVE.ME. it's all in the name: everything is mobile and easy to move, from the chair to the table to the screen – thanks to the light-weight steel wire design. MOVE.ME has a whole range of versatile functions making it ideal for all meeting areas, while its impressive design and fair price-performance ratio make it a convincing product.
                                        • PUBLICA

                                        • A PLACE FOR BIG EVENTS.
                                          The PUBLICA multi-purpose chair can becounted on for any event. It offerspractical details such as seat and row numbering, so that it can be accessorised fast for the matter in hand. It is also easy to link and infinitely stackable. When everything's over, this stackable all-rounder is easily stored in space-saving fashion on its stacking trolley.
                                        • PUBLICA Bar stool

                                        •  The elegant and slender contours arealso featured in the bar stool with itsring footrest, which is ideal for exhibitions or informal areas of a company.
                                        • JUVENTA

                                        • DYNAMIC SITTING COMFORT.
                                          The ergonomically sweeping backrestcontour of JUVENTA is a common themein the visitor chairs as well. The plastic shell is available in three colours: light grey, black and white. There is a wide selection of upholstery colours, which means that the JUVENTA visitor chair can have numerous different looks. It is optionally available with armrests, seat and back pads to make the chair even more comfortable
                                        • TENSA

                                        • PURE SITTING COMFORT.
                                          The TENSA task chair family iscomplemented with four-legged,cantilever or stacking visitor chairs. They are all available with a non-upholstered plastic shell, or with upholstery to the seat only or the seat and back. The black plastic armrests are optional. TENSA is also available as a linking chair.
                                      • Reception + Waiting areas

                                      • Whether in the reception, the lobby, in transit areas, as an add-on in work zones or at home - the seating systems provide the basis for relaxed working with a laptop, informal brainstorming or private small talk. That means they make a decisive contribution to stimulating and improving the work atmosphere in companies and public institutions.
                                          • NET.WORK.PLACE

                                          • Feel-good area, waiting area, a stylish entrance.
                                            The classic design of NET.WORK.PLACE is timeless and elegant in a purist style with its clear-cut design lines. Perfection in both materials and craftsmanship allow it to look prestigious without being brash. In this way, a few characteristic style features are used to create an impressive corporate work and lifestyle. When you come in here, you feel welcome. Atmospheric colours radiate optimism, create highlights and set the ambience.
                                          • PUBLICA

                                          • Seating for any occasion.
                                            The PUBLICA lounge chair – a real eye-catcher for any waiting or reception area. Its purist looks make it an attractive design piece. The full upholstery with decorative piped seams and generously proportioned seat measuring 56 cm make the chair comfortable, so that it is possible to change position flexibly. The four-spoke starbase in polished aluminium ensures balanced stability and strengthens the impression of equilibrium.
                                          • PUBLICA BENCH

                                          • In file
                                            The PUBLCA visitor bench follows the sleek design lines as well, creating a modern ambience for waiting areas. The comfortable wooden seat shell with optional seat/back upholstery means that all requirements are fulfilled.
                                        • Room systems

                                            • HORIZONTE

                                            • Solutions with perspective for a new feeling of space. It doesn't matter whether the intention is to continue the façade structure in the interior, or whether independent room solutions are needed: both are possible with the post-and-rail system.
                                            • Think.Tank

                                            • Efficient work needs space – but not always where the building prescribes it. The THINK TANK provides independence. A closed room, situated exactly where it is required for optimal work flowing
                                            • Two.2.Block

                                            • Whenever shorter utilisation cycles and changing space requirements make it necessary to redesign room layouts frequently, TWO.2.BLOCK provides a solution that is affordable as well as extremely flexible.