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  • Offer Profile
  • Swiss quality and precision are key product features. But we are far more than just a manufacturer of optics. We see ourselves as a partner to our customers. And as such we work closely with you to develop solutions that deliver both technical and economic success.
    We develop and manufacture lenses, laser modules, micro-optics and advanced optical components for industrial applications. Further areas of expertise comprise metrological applications as well as the development of completely customized solutions.
Product Portfolio
  • Precision optics - made in Switzerland

  • From simple lenses to complex assemblies, FISBA OPTIK offers you optical solutions, which match your specific tasks and needs to a tee. What’s more, our ambitious team of qualified experts often achieves results, which surpass your expectations.

    FISBA develops, manufactures and mounts a variety of high-precision optical systems for imaging.
  • FISBA RGBeam

  • The FISBA RGBeam light engine precisely couples three wavelengths. It can be used directly or carried to the customer's application through a multimode-fiber. The FISBA RGBeam finds use in the field of life sciences, the automotive industry as well as in production technology and metrology.
      • Ultra small laser module for customized applications

      • Characteristics
        • Miniaturized laser module for adaptation to specific customer requirements
        • White laser spot through RGB for applications in different industries
        • 3 design options: free radiation, fiber-coupled or producing an image


        • High optical output at application locations - near and remote
        • Easy adaptation to different wavelengths
        • Compact design, perfectly suited for hand-held applications
        • Efficient beam shaping
        • Brilliant colors


        • Lighting module for head-up-displays and industrial projections
        • Photo-dynamic therapy in eye, dental and veterinary medicine
        • Fluorescence excitation in analytical and diagnostic instruments
        • Specialist medical illumination with fibers, such as endo-illumination
        • Illumination for technical endoscopy
  • Optical Components

  • From sophisticated optical components to the production and assembly of complex optical systems - FISBA OPTIK offers optical solutions which are fine-tuned to your specific requirements and wishes, even in the smallest dimensions. Our advanced optical components are designed to optimize the performance of your application, regardless of whether you require precision molded lenses, micro-optics such as fast axis collimation lenses (FAC) for laser beam shaping, FISBA Beam Twister™ (FBT) for fiber coupling. or other customized micro-optical arrays, aspheres and prisms.
    • Precision molded lenses

    • Aspheric and free form surfaces offer a variety of possibilities for the performance of an optical system. Producing these optics the conventional way is quite costly in most cases. Precision glass molding enables the production of such optics in medium-sized and high batches at the fraction of the cost of conventional manufacturing. In addition, now the development of innovative and economic optical solutions made of glass is possible thanks to the new design possibilities which this technology provides.


    • Fast Axis Collimators

    • FAC (Fast Axis Collimation) lenses manufactured by FISBA OPTIK impress through their above average collimation quality and transmission for superior efficiency in beam shaping and transformation. The high numerical aperture allows for a collimation of the entire output of the laser diode for a brilliant beam quality.
    • FISBA Beam Twister

    • The FISBA Beam Twister™ (FBT) is an innovative beam shaping element for generating an almost symmetrical beam profile with a better performance than other comparable fiber coupling systems. The beam twisting concept developed and patented by FISBA consists of a FAC lens with a beam rotating lens array for nearly diffraction limited collimation and highest efficiency. For this purpose FISBA developed micro-optics for the individual beam twisting of each emitter of the diode laser bar to achieve an almost round beam profile.
    • Aspheres

    • FISBA offers aspheres tailored to your individual needs in the quantity and quality at an affordable price. Based on your specifications, FISBA selects the most cost-efficient manufacturing process to fit your needs without sacrificing quality or performance. In addition, FISBA’s state-of-the-art production processes allow the production of aspheric optics from a multitude of glass materials.
  • Optical Microsystems

  • FISBA OPTIK’s expertise in developing and manufacturing micro optics, makes us the ideal partner for photonic solutions not larger than a few millimeters. Thanks to our extensive know how in the entire micro technology process chain – from the lens and mechatronic design to the qualification – FISBA can offer you high precision solutions for optical microsystems. As a specialist for micro optics we can realize achromats with a diameter of less than a millimeter as well as mount complete and functional micro systems of approximately 1 cubic centimeter.
      • Millimeter precision

      • FISBA offers you a one-stop shop for comprehensive Optical Micro Systems solutions. Our expertise across the entire process chain gives you a valuable competitive advantage, because innovative microsystems create added value for you and your customers. You are able to bring excellent solutions to the market more quickly. You can profit from our expertise in design and production of imaging and projecting optics.
        • Production of micro optics Ø < 1 mm
        • Production of complete systems < 1 cm³
        • Reproducable and scalable production and assembly technologies
        • Integration of your logistic workflow into our disposition schedule
  • Optical Assemblies

  • FISBA offers you extraordinary solutions for everyday problems as well as for completely new challenges. FISBA is your development partner for individually tailored opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems, from telecentric or achromatic lens systems to miniaturized camera systems and their corresponding imaging optics.
      • Tailormade solutions that work

      • Working with us is straightforward, efficient and economical: from the feasibility study to production and assembly through to final inspection, you are advised by a single contact person. He or she coordinates your project and keeps you fully informed.

        We work closely with your in-house developers in every project. This enables us to ensure smooth processes and accurate implementation of your specifications. Our cooperation is simple, efficient, and enterprising right from the start. You will be advised by a single contact from the feasibility study and development and production of prototypes to assembly, acceptance testing, and mass production. This adviser will ensure compliance with your quality and cost specifications.

        Every successful partnership starts with a personal discussion. We understand your needs and will analyze your problem with you to develop the right individual solution for you. Let’s talk now about your requirements – and your success. We look forward to speaking with you.

  • Expertise

  • FISBA offers you intelligent solution systems from a single source, because we unite all required disciplines under one roof. And we put all this highly concentrated specialist knowledge to work for your success. Because only those who perform at the highest level on a daily basis can set standards.

    Engineering expertise
    • Lens design
    • Mechanical design
    • Coating
    • Product development
    • Project management
    • Process engineering
    • Optical fabrication technologies
    • Metrology

    Production expertise
    • Optic production
    • Mechanics
    • Assembly
    • Consulting

    • You can count on FISBA as a reliable partner thanks to our professional approach to project management, which will see you throughout all phases of the product cycle of your optical system or component.

      Our project management system also pays extreme attention to our sophisticated logistics for process stability during the production of your product. We adopt your standards, plan every detail for you and work in accordance to your manufacturing process. This way, you can be certain that your optical system or component can be seamlessly incorporated into your production chain – within the agreed time frame, to the specified quality, at the agreed price.
    • Research and Development

    • Lens designers and engineers, backed by experts in process engineering, develop, analyze and optimize optical systems and components for the entire spectral range from UV to NIR – integrated and sustainable. Our team of experts incorporates and considers state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with economical and functional optical solutions.

      You profit from an integrated project management team, which coordinates all process steps professionally and sees you through your project with the highest efficiency.
    • Production

    • FISBA sets international standards in optic production too. However unique your challenges may be, they are matched by the innovativeness of our production technologies. Leading technologies ensure outstanding results for every production stage. From the raw lens to the fully assembled optical system, from prototypes to complex optics in large-scale production.

      We are committed to nothing less than Swiss quality. Stringent quality management throughout all production stages guarantees the consistently high quality of your optical systems or components. So you can easily integrate them in your production flow without further inspection, saving you valuable time and increasing your process stability.
  • Applications

  • Success-driven companies looking for a partner, who will conceive, develop and manufacture products according to their specific applications will find their perfect match in FISBA. FISBA's experts take on the challenges of automation in industrial manufacturing just like they meet the growing demands for photonic microsystems e.g. in biophotonical applications, in machinery and plant engineering or in the area of security.

    Sound experience in a large variety of applications coupled with a fervent spirit of innovation is the foundation on which we build. FISBA's team of experts bundle their expertise with the know-how of leading scientific institutions sparking off groundbreaking innovations to provide you with solutions which give you the leading edge over your competition.
    • Biophotonics

    • Our proven track record in medical technology and micro-optics makes FISBA OPTIK your ideal partner for optical solutions in the area of biophotonics. Thanks to innovative production processes, FISBA is able to offer you cost-effective optical solutions with a high repeatability, especially with large batches.

      FISBA banks on years of experience in micro-optics and so can you. Our extensive knowledge in this field enables us to implement and optimize existing optical technologies and products for your biomedical applications. The excellent imaging quality of our photonic solutions allows us to offer you beam-shaping micro-optics, which can be used for laser surgery for example or give you a precise image of the examined area.
    • Imaging + Sensors

    • The trend towards further automation in the production of smaller and smaller systems, as well as the increase of mass production coinciding with the demand for better quality management during and after production have led to a rise in the use of industrial imaging and sensors in production processes.

      Whether you need an optical solution for position tracking, for checking the surfaces of your work pieces, or would like to map free forms three dimensionally, FISBA is your ideal partner. FISBA’s experts will plan the integration of miniaturized camera systems including sophisticated imaging optics according to your specifications. They will optimize the lens and coating design to meet your illumination requirements and design the interfaces for superordinate and neighboring systems as needed.
    • Industrial Manufacturing

    • An overall increase in the automation in the industrial production of technical goods, a growing demand for mass-produced quality products as well as the trend towards miniaturization have resulted in an increase of laser applications.

      FISBA OPTIK builds on years of experience in engineering and fabricating compact laser modules for industrial manufacturing. Owing to their outstanding beam quality, FISBA’s high-performance laser diodes can process materials such as metals or plastic with a high reproducibility and precision, or leave a lasting impression in the computer-to-plate (CTP) process in printing for example. The streamlined design of the modules facilitates the installation of your application into fully-automated production systems.
    • Security + Defense

    • FISBA OPTIK has a proven track record in the fields of laser and micro-optics. Over the years FISBA’s highly trained and qualified experts have acquired an extensive knowledge of imaging, security and defense technologies. This know-how, bundled with our experience in photonic engineering, coating, manufacturing and assembly of optics in compliance with MIL standards, makes FISBA your ideal partner for optical solutions in the area of security and defense technologies.

      FISBA can offer you sophisticated optical systems and components that can withstand demanding and harsh environmental conditions. Our lens designers and fabrication engineers develop and produce complete photonic systems, which fulfill manifold tasks and can be smoothly integrated into existing systems. FISBA’s experts select the optical components according to your specifications and the appropriate production method, ensuring the consistently high quality of your products, yet keeping your costs under control.
    • Space + Astro

    • All around the world, optics and optical systems by FISBA OPTIK play an important role in the observation of our universe. Observatories worldwide rely on FISBA’s design and production expertise when it comes to building auto guiders, spectrographs and special cameras with collimators.

      Highly developed optical systems by FISBA are adapted to the rugged environmental conditions of outer space. A vital part of missions such as Venus Express, Rosetta or Bepi Columbo, they contribute to the exploration of the cosmos in their own right. As with all optical systems, both the optics and their corresponding mounts are designed by FISBA’s experts and produced in-house under stringent conditions by our highly trained and qualified staff.