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    With our solutions for production and machine tools, as well as cranes, we supply tailored products for industry- and technology-specific production requirements. The high degree of standardization and modularization allows valuable productivity potentials to be used. Our industry sector solutions utilize our standard products that can be configured and combined consistently at low cost. Core factor of each industry sector solution is our many years of experience in automation technology and our comprehensive industry sector know-how.
Product Portfolio
  • Renewable Energy

      • Wind Power

      • Innovation made wind a strong competitor of conventional power generation. Siemens is one of world’s leading suppliers of On- and Offshore Wind Power solutions.
      • Hydro Power

      • Water has proven itself as a reliable source of energy for centuries. Siemens offers solutions in Small-Hydro Power while also paving new ways with Tidal Power.
      • Distributed and Hybrid Energy

      • We offer turnkey solutions for integrated energy production with renewable and fossil generation units and integrate storage devices for distributed generation units and entire fleets.
      • Biomass Power

      • Whichever biomass fuel and combustion technology is used in your biomass plant, a Siemens steam turbine will optimize plant performance.
      • Solar Power

      • We provide components and solutions for solar thermal power plants.
    • Windpower

        • Onshore geared tubines

        • Proven technology, reliable performance

          • Nominal power: 2.3 MW
          • Made for: wind classes IEC IIIA and IEC IIB
          • Main quality: the proven workhorses for capacity limited sites
            • Onshore Geared Wind Turbine SWT-2.3-101

            • Nominal power:  2300 kW
              Rotor diameter:  101 m
              Swept area: 8000 m2
              Hub height: 80m or site specific
              Power regulation: Pitch regulated, variable Speed
              Annual output at 8.5 m/s: 9,6 GWh

              Efficient onshore performance

              A proven onshore product, the SWT-2.3-101 is ideal for moderate wind conditions, with a robust design that offers a lifetime of excellent returns even in challenging sites. For superior performance and high yields, look no further than the SWT-2.3-101.

              A proven workhorse for reliability
              The SWT-2.3-101 turbine sets the industry standard. Its design means that this robust onshore geared turbine offers low energy-production costs and proven reliability – with a 101-meter rotor specifically designed to optimize the energy output in areas with moderate wind conditions.

              All geared turbines combine a rugged structural design, automatic lubrication system, internal climate control, and a slip ring-free generator system – a combination you can rely on, since it contributes to the turbines’ exceptional availability. In addition, the SWT-2.3-101 is equipped with a cooling system designed for high performance in challenging, very dry, and dusty sites. The cooling system is located outside the nacelle so that the canopy is totally enclosed and therefore ensures maximum protection of the internals from dust. Maximum protection results in less turbine downtime caused by damage, and therefore a higher annual energy production (AEP) and a better return on your investment.

              Ideal for all types of grid connections in most major markets, in the SWT-2.3-101 you will find a turbine that stands out against the crowd. 

            • Onshore Geared Wind Turbine SWT-2.3-108

            • Nominal power:  2300 kW
              Rotor diameter:  108 m
              Swept area: 9150 m2
              Hub height: 78,5 - 115 m
              Power regulation: Pitch regulated, variable Speed
              Annual output at 8.5 m/s: 11,1 GWh

              A lifetime of optimized productivity

              Sites with moderate wind conditions call for a turbine that can maximize your energy returns no matter what, and the SWT-2.3-108 wind turbine is designed to do just that. For enhanced power output and increased control over energy output in moderate wind conditions, it features an advanced blade design with pitch regulation and a rotor with a diameter of 108 meters.
              Siemens’ geared onshore wind turbines have firmly established themselves as proven workhorses for reliability

              Hardy excellence in any onshore market
              Siemens’ Onshore Geared wind turbines have firmly established themselves as proven workhorses for reliability. For more than 15 years, 2.3-GW turbines have produced electricity around the world, braving different climate conditions. The robust and proven design of the SWT-2.3-108 means trouble-free output throughout the complete lifecycle of the machine. Offering a high yield with low maintenance cost, the SWT-2.3-108 has advanced condition monitoring and diagnostics that constantly examine the turbine to reach optimal performance. This allows an experienced after-sales service team to promptly address any change in a turbine’s performance, either remotely or in the field.

              The aeroelastically tailored 53-meter blades are one of the key success factors of the turbine’s high performance. The pre-bent tip section ensures sufficient tip–tower clearance during all operating conditions; the material flexibility also reduces peak loads and structural stress. In addition, various hub heights – you can choose between towers with a hub height of 78.3 m, 80 m, 96 m, 98.1 m, and 115 m – make this turbine suitable for onshore sites with different height restrictions.

            • Onshore Geared Wind Turbine SWT-2.3-120

            • Nominal power:  2300 kW
              Rotor diameter:  120 m
              Swept area: 11300 m2
              Hub height: 80 - 92,4 m
              Power regulation: Pitch regulated, variable Speed
              Annual output at 8.5 m/s: 10,4 GWh

              Evolved technology for best results

              To reach increased energy production and deliver an industry-leading capacity factor, we have refined key features of our geared onshore wind turbines – the SWT-2.3-120 stands as the pinnacle of this refinement. The SWT-2.3-120 is a proven onshore product, tailored to medium to low wind sites, which offers you a safe investment with excellent returns for years to come.

              Longer blades and internal refinements for increased capacity factor
              When choosing the SWT-2.3-120, you choose the high performer among the Onshore Geared wind turbines. Based on its tried and tested predecessors, the SWT-2.3-120 incorporates a variety of innovative technologies that have been scaled and streamlined to deliver an industry-leading capacity factor. Starting with the blades: the 120-meter rotor with 59-meter aeroelastically tailored blades allows for enhanced energy capture. With a swept area of 11,300 m2 this turbine is designed to help you get the most out of your medium to low wind site. Compared to the B53 blade, the B59’s efficiency allows it to extract more kinetic energy out of the wind along the entire length of the blade. For increased performance, the SWT-2.3-120 blade uses Vortex generators and has optimized cross-sections design.

              Moreover, you can find several highlights in the internal system. For maximum reliability, the efficient cooling system is supported by open-air flow through the robust steel canopy. The tried and tested gearbox comes with a second planetary stage and one helical, for increased capacity in comparison to gearboxes that have only one planetary stage.
          • Onshore direct drive tubines

          • Simple design, maximum power output

            • Nominal power: 3.2 to 3.4 MW
            • Made for: wind classes IEC IA and IEC IIA
            • Main quality: lowering cost of energy with simplicity 
              • Onshore Direct Drive Wind Turbines SWT-3.2-101 and SWT-3.4-101

              • Nominal power:  3,200 kW (SWT-3.2-101), 3,400 (SWT-3.4-101)
                Rotor diameter:  101 m
                Swept area: 8000 m2
                Hub height: 74.5 - 94 m
                Power regulation: Pitch regulated
                Annual output at 8.5 m/s: 13.1 GWh (3.2 MW), 13.5 GWh (3.4 MW)

                Incomparable robustness for best returns

                To ensure a lifetime return on your investment, turbine technology has to meet your needs. For extreme wind conditions, the answer lies with the SWT-3.2-101 and SWT-3.4-101. By balancing innovation with proven technology, the SWT-3.2-101 and SWT-3.4-101 ensure that you receive these benefits.

                The durable choice for high wind conditions

                Simple, but innovative – a rare combination. But  Siemens direct drive onshore turbines were designed to incorporate this combination for your benefit. A straightforward wind turbine design reduces the number of rating and wear-prone components, for increased simplicity and improved efficiency – a must in harsh conditions. Higher towers significantly increase the energy output, while the 101-meter rotor – in comparison to the 108-meter rotor of the SWT-3.4-108 – makes more sites with height restrictions available for onshore investments.

                The SWT-3.2-101 and SWT-3.4-101’s compact and light weight design has been engineered to meet even the most demanding transportation routes and is a major advantage for installation. With the increased availability and profitability of the direct drive technology, your investment is secure.

              • Onshore Direct Drive Wind Turbines SWT-3.2-108 and SWT-3.4-108

              • Nominal power:  3,200 kW (SWT-3.2-108), 3,400 (SWT-3.4-108)
                Rotor diameter:  108 m
                Swept area: 9144 m2
                Hub height: 74.5 - 94 m
                Power regulation: Pitch regulated
                Annual output at 8.5 m/s: 13.7 GWh (3.2 MW), 14.0 GWh (3.4 MW)

                Higher returns, lower costs

                Onshore, high wind conditions require a turbine solution that can meet a variety of needs without increasing energy costs. Ideal for such circumstances, the SWT-3.2-108 and SWT-3.4-108 were designed to go beyond your needs and offer the highest returns. 

                Superior design for superior performance

                When winds are strong, but site conditions less complicated, you need a turbine that will bridge these factors. Presenting Siemens’ SWT-3.2-108 and SWT-3.4-108 direct drive onshore turbines, a superior combination of large rotor and robust design.

                The B53 quantum blade of the 108-meter rotor was the first full-scale application of Siemens’ innovative aeroelastic blade design, which allows for a larger rotor diameter and higher energy output without increasing structural loads. Even more, the rotor’s weight did not increase in comparison to the B49 blade. As a result, the SWT-3.2-108 and SWT-3.4-108 turbine provides lower cost of energy at moderate to high wind conditions.

              • Onshore Direct Drive Wind Turbine SWT-3.2-113

              • Nominal power: 3,200 kW
                Rotor diameter:  120 m
                Swept area: 10000 m2
                Hub height: 83.5 - 115 m
                Power regulation: Pitch regulated
                Annual output at 8.5 m/s: 12.2 GWh (3.2 MW)

                Simplifying profitability

                The SWT-3.2-113 was created so that you get the most out of your unique onshore sites, with features that maximize returns without compromise. Based on the proven, simple, and highly efficient direct drive technology it delivers high value while minimizing the cost of energy.

                Innovative design for performance optimization

                The competitive edge of the SWT-3.2-113 turbine comes from its innovative blade design. The B55 is the first one made using the Quantum Blade technology and applies new airfoils and redesigned tip and root sections, resulting in minimized loads and maximum energy output for this size of turbine. Furthermore, due to a lower but variable rotor speed, the SWT-3.2-113 has reduced noise emission.

                Tower heights between 83.5 and 115 m take you and your investment higher than predecessor models could. To get the most out of moderate wind conditions, the SWT-3.2-113 can be equipped with additional features – like the High Wind Ride-Through functionality to avoid abrupt shutdowns at higher wind speeds, or the power boost function, which can increase the turbine’s annual output by up to 4%.

                The combination of high energy output and low noise levels makes the direct drive SWT-3.2-113 turbine the ideal choice for most inland sites across the globe.

              • Onshore Direct Drive Wind Turbine SWT-3.3-130

              • Nominal power:  3300 kW
                Rotor diameter:  130 m
                Swept area: 13300 m2
                Hub height: 85 - 135 m
                Power regulation: Pitch regulated
                Annual output at 8.5 m/s: ~16 GWh

                Evolved technology for optimal benefits

                Evolution is the key to successful, efficient wind power plants. To ensure that you receive a lifetime of maximum returns from your onshore wind farms, we developed the SWT-3.3-130 by extracting the best from proven, reliable technologies, and building on them.

                Innovative design for onshore optimization

                A major part of the secret to this turbine’s success is the use of scaled components. Whether it’s the longer generator due to an extra row of magnets ensuring increased performance, or the updated nacelle design which accommodates an even more efficient direct cooling system: based on best practices small innovations help deliver reliable and efficient solutions. The longer B63 blade, compared to the predecessor SWT-3.2-113, are possible because of the benefits of the Aeroelastically Tailored Blade design. This allows a larger rotor while staying within the design load envelope and so provides a cost-optimized blade design with optimized energy yield. For increased performance and reduced noise, the blades use Vortex generators on the entire length and have Dino Tails attached on their trailing edges.
                In addition to high yield at moderate wind conditions, the SWT-3.3-130 employs other important elements for your onshore site. A variety of tower heights (85, 115 and 135 meters) enable tip heights up to 200 meters, making the SWT-3.3-130 the ideal choice for most onshore sites.

            • Offshore geared tubines

            • Evolved innovations, rock-solid performance

              • Nominal power: 4.0 MW
              • Made for: wind classes IEC IA and IEC IB
              • Main quality: more power without any compromise to investment robustness
                  • Offshore Geared Wind Turbine SWT-4.0-130 and 4.0-120

                  • Nominal power:  4,000 kW
                    Rotor diameter:  120 - 130 m
                    Swept area: 11300 - 13300 m2
                    Hub height: Site specific
                    Power regulation: Pitch regulated

                    Designed for a lifetime of optimized output

                    To meet your offshore energy needs, robust technology is a must. That’s why the SWT-4.0-130 and 120 feature technology that allows a significant increase in energy production without compromising structural loading. A proven layout, strong structure, and service-friendly nacelle ergonomics ensure that by choosing a 4.0 MW turbine you are choosing increased offshore wind energy benefits – alongside turbine resilience.

                    130-meter rotor for highest capacity factor in the industry

                    Improved efficiency without concessions is the name of the game for the 4.0 MW turbines. To get the most out of your offshore wind power investment, productivity has been taken to the next level: the SWT-4.0-130 features the largest rotor for geared offshore wind turbines coupled with a powerful generator that increases net annual energy production (AEP) by up to 15% at IEC I conditions compared to its retired predecessor SWT-3.6-120. Thanks to Siemens’ advanced blade technology, the weight of structural components is well balanced. The SWT-4.0-120 features the smaller 120-meter rotor. This makes the installation of a 4.0 MW turbine suitable for environments where maximum tip height restrictions apply, so even more sites become an attractive option.

              • Offshore direct drive tubines

              • Simple construction, lower cost offshore

                • Nominal power: 6.0 to 7.0 MW
                • Made for: wind classes IEC IA and IEC IB
                • Main quality: designed with the best engineering practices using lean technology for increased profitability and low risk offshore
                  • Offshore Direct Drive Wind Turbine SWT-6.0-154

                  • Nominal power:  6,000 kW
                    Rotor diameter:  154 m
                    Swept area: 18600 m2
                    Hub height Site specific
                    Power regulation:Pitch regulated, variable speed

                    Advanced design for offshore supremacy

                    Only with the right turbine is it possible to fully realize the potential of the most extreme offshore wind conditions. Siemens’ SWT-6.0-154 features a 6 MW output and a swept area of 18,600 square meters, making it the ideal offshore solution.

                    Reliable and robust for the best results

                    Based on Siemens direct drive technology, the SWT-6.0-154 has fewer fast-moving parts than comparable geared machines and a tower head mass of less than 360 tons. This unique combination of robustness and low weight significantly reduces infrastructure, installation, and servicing costs, and boosts lifetime energy output.

                    Benefiting from our unique offshore experience, the SWT-6.0-154 direct drive wind turbine is designed to exploit a broad range of offshore environmental conditions. Designed to IEC 1 standards, the SWT-6.0-154 can be deployed in any known offshore location. The 154 m rotor, designed specifically for the Siemens offshore direct drive turbines, has a swept rotor area of 18,600 m2, therefore maximizing energy yield at offshore locations, from inland waters with moderate wind resources to the most exposed offshore sites.

                  • Offshore Direct Drive Wind Turbine SWT-7.0-154

                  • Nominal power:  7,000 kW
                    Rotor diameter:  154 m
                    Swept area: 18600 m2
                    Hub height: Site specific
                    Power regulation: Pitch regulated, variable speed

                    High output at low risk

                    To meet your offshore needs, it’s vital that, together with a focus on optimal energy production and risk reduction, the cost of offshore energy be kept to a minimum. The SWT-7.0-154 features the highest energy output and profitability in the Siemens offshore wind turbine family, all alongside proven technology. It is your go-to turbine for high-wind site conditions where superior performance is key.
                    Offshore wind farm in Great Britain

                    Confident in every part’s strength

                    In our ongoing effort to ensure that innovation addresses your needs, any opportunity for improvement that Siemen’s isolates is explored for its maximum benefit. The SWT-7.0-154 is one example of this. Designed to IEC 1B standards, it can be deployed even in challenging offshore conditions. The 154 m rotor features the Siemens B75 blade, which enables a swept rotor area of 18,600 m2. Despite being one of the lightest blades in its class it still maintains the strength needed for a 25-year design lifetime.

                    Our Offshore Direct Drive wind turbines feature a proven and reliable technology with a long-term track record. Over 1,300 of these gearless wind turbines have been installed since 2010, and almost 200 of them are in operation offshore. So reusing the direct drive technology and learning from the SWT-6.0-154 reduced the lead time for type certification of the SWT-7.0-154. The result: through upgrades in the nacelle, this premium offshore turbine provides 10% more energy than its predecessor.

                    Whereas the generator's permanent magnets and segments as well as the transformer upgrades are required solely for the higher output requirement, the upgraded Siemens Integrated Control System (SICS) with enhanced power converter provides even more flexibility in the turbine response to voltage and frequency, while enabling compliance with the strictest international grid code requirements. Obtaining type certification in 2016 marked the final milestone in the development process, allowing you to make final investment decisions for offshore projects and lower the risk of this investment.