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FWT energy
  • Offer Profile
  • FWT energy focuses on the European onshore wind energy market with business segments for trade, service and production and provide a comprehensive, individual service for operators of wind turbines and wind farms.

    Based in our headquarters in Waigandshain in the Westerwald, we serve customers around the world. From the most cost-efficient procurement of components to individual service, and from site-specific optimisation and development to the production of multi-megawatt wind turbines, FWT centres its attention on quality and sustainability.
Product Portfolio

      • The next generation – the FWT 3000 wind turbine

      • The FWT 3000 is a new generation of high-yield wind turbines in the 3 MW class. This model was developed specifically for the growing market of medium and low wind sites. It stands out thanks to its low weight, an especially low-maintenance design and significantly lower running costs.

        The striking design with side scoops and coolers means that the FWT 3000 is not only visually distinctive, but also highly functional. The natural flow of air around the body is used for optimal cooling.

        The hybrid drive combines a two-stage gearbox and a medium-speed synchronous generator, allowing a compact nacelle for the FWT 3000 – much easier to achieve with a weight of almost 105 tons as compared to other 3 MW models.

        The 120-metre rotor and hub heights of up to 140 metres deliver a good yield of energy even in low wind conditions and at sites with complex topography. The new technology ensures even greater efficiency and safety: three patents alike indicate a high level of innovation.

        Thanks to its full-scale inverter, the FWT 3000 facilitates straightforward grid integration with a broad range of grid codes and is also prepared for future network protection regulations.

        Advantages of the FWT 3000 at a glance:
        • LARUS Compact® drivetrain concept: hybrid drive, compact design, load reduction and defined loads for the gearbox with a grip and torque bearing connected to the motor mount
        • LARUS Smart® pitch system: robust, low-maintenance design with load reduction based on a single-blade pitch
        • LARUS Safe® safety system: reduced signs of wear and extended service life thanks to differentiated actuator release based on events
      • Diversity that pays off – the FWT 2500 wind turbine

      • The FWT 2500 is an established 2.5 MW wind turbine that has already been constructed several hundred times worldwide, making it the most built system from FWT.
        Of course, this is not without good reason. With a hub height ranging from 85 to 160 metres and rotors measuring from 90 to 104 metres, the turbine can be optimally adapted to suit a wide variety of site conditions and wind zones.

        At the same time, the FWT 2500 can be mounted on common steel towers as well as lattice towers measuring 117, 141 or 160 metres – an interesting unique feature of the multi-megawatt turbine.

        With its compact drivetrain, the FWT 2500 has an innovative, small design without a main shaft, giving the nacelle a low weight.

        Advantages of the FWT 2500 at a glance:
        • Compact drivetrain: light, small design without a main shaft
        • The plug and play system allows straightforward assembly and rapid servicing of the turbine.
        • Tubular steel towers measuring 85 and 100 metres and lattice towers measuring 117, 141 and 160 metres
      • Compact and efficient – the FWT 2000 wind turbine

      • The FWT 2000 wind turbine has a rating of 2 MW and is designed for high yields at moderate wind speeds. However, it can also be individually upgraded and adapted for low wind conditions (IEC III). The large rotors of the FWT 2000 have a diameter of 93 or 100 metres, ensuring a high yield.

        This efficient 2 MW wind turbine is equipped with a doubly fed induction generator and uses the proven, continuously optimised drivetrain concept of FWT. The inverter and generator of the FWT 2000 are located in the turbine's tubular steel tower.

        Advantages of the FWT 2000 at a glance:
        • Compact, lightweight nacelle and a doubly fed induction generator
        • Plug and play system allows straightforward assembly and rapid servicing.
        • Low running costs
        • Proven, optimised drivetrain concept

          • Service and maintenance

          • FWT Service – one step ahead with experience.
            At FWT, we use remote online monitoring to check all of our customers’ systems around the clock, which means that any technical barriers in operation can be addressed without delay.

            Services that takes you further:
            • Regular service
            • Drivetrain service
            • Rotor blade service
            • Preventive concepts
            • Retrofitting
            • Remote control
            • Large replacement parts warehouse