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optics fair

OPTICS 21XX - A stage for high-performance lenses and precision mechanics

13.08.2013 - After great successes with ROBOTICS 21XX and VISION 21XX, EXPO21XX has expanded its campaigns to include OPTICS 21XX, a platform for industrial image processing products and supplementary parts. There are currently twenty-four halls that focus on lighting solutions, laser systems, Photonics, high-performance lenses, industrial optics, precision mechanics...

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high speed cams

See the details – Digital high speed cameras in action

01.08.2013 - If you want to see a detailed flight and impact of a bullet, the muscle tension of an athlete during a hundred meters race, a close captioned flapping of the wings of a bird, or the impact of a defensive linebacker sacking a quarterback, then you have to look into high speed image processing cameras. In fact, high speed cameras have advanced to a level that....

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quality control

QUALITY & TESTING 21XX - The benchmark of the industry

20.04.2013 - EXPO21XX has opened a new online trade fair called QUALITY & TESTING 21XX to offer companies an outlet to display specified and quality controls services to customers’ from the initial production processes, testing and servicing phases. The platform includes material analysis and testing, 3D measurement, image processing and camera systems in 41 online halls...

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robotics fair

ROBOTICS 21XX - From Science Fiction to Reality

04.03.2013 - EXPO21XX’s 20th online exhibition brings the world of robotics to your desk. The sector of robotics has become a key technology of the future. The recently opened online exhibition ROBOTICS 21XX displays the latest and ongoing developments to a professional audience in order to appreciate the impressive progress and the importance of this sector...

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wind energy online fair

Wind Energy Exhibition goes online

20.09.2012 - EXPO21XX has done it again! The leading specialist in the online exhibition business has opened WIND ENERGY 21XX to support the sustainable and efficient development of wind energy. This wind energy exhibition will not only contribute significantly in achieving the ambitious targets of the wind industry but also...

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intralogistics fair

Intralogistics as a vitally important process for the factory of the future

27.02.2012 - With the online exhibition MATERIAL HANDLING 21XX - a trade show for industrial intralogistics - EXPO21XX established as one of the leading promotional platforms for the sector of automated material handling & production logistics. The virtual trade fair offers manufacturers the opportunity to display their products and services to potential customers...

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furniture online show

OFFICE FURNITURE 21XX - The Online Trade Fair for Office Equipment and Supplies

09.06.2011  - EXPO21XX is presenting the OFFICE FURNITURE 21XX, an online-exhibition of all aspects of office and building equipment. Whether, open plane office, business center or airport buildings, the fair displays furniture for all facility needs...

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EXPO21XX opens trade fair No. 16 SENSORS & CONTROLS 21XX

18.03.2011 - EXPO21XX is expanding! By Opening the trade fair SENSORS & CONTROLS 21XX starting in March 2011, EXPO21XX extends its portfolio of industrial trade exhibitions. The trade show specializing in sensors, metrology and process control, offers international manufacturers and suppliers a platform to display their solutions to a professional audience...

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EXPO21XX unites Robotics Research worldwide on one online exhibition

20.02.2011 - You can discover the future trend of consumer and industrial robotics researches on the online exhibition EXPO21XX. Leading research facilities worldwide like the universities of Essex, Michigan, Cornell, ANU, Harvard, MIT and many others from America, Europe and Asia display their researches in the online hall Universities & Research...

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