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    • car safety camera
    high speed movie

    Comprehensive car safety tests with pco.dimax CS camera


    There is a vast range of applications for testing the car safety. the pco.dimax CS high speed camera is specially designed for all applications centered around car [...]

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    • line scan camera
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    Prism-based color line scan cameras


    JAI introduces four new prism-based color line scan cameras featuring 2048 pixels, scan rates up to 80,000 lines/s and high-end color image quality [...]

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    • high speed cameras
    high speed movie

    Spectacular images – High speed cameras that matter

    EXPO21XX Feature

    Today, high speed cameras can process up to 2000 pictures per secon in high resolution and thus, are hardly to be ignored in image processing and analysis [...]

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    • machine vision
    3D surgical microscope

    3D surgical microscopes with TrueVision® 3D technology


    Surgeons benefit from easy 3D recording and video editing, more space to maneuver in the operating room [...]